ZZ Top
Live at The Greek Theater
Los Angeles, CA
2014 08-13

Genre: Blues
Audience Tape: A
Mikes: Schoeps mk4 > Actives > NBox >
Recorder: Sony M-10
Transfer: Audition Time Synching > Reaper Mixing and EQ > Goldwave Track Splitting >
Media Monkey Flac Conversion L8
Location: FOB
Recorded by Scooter123
Tapers Trade List: http://db.etree.org/mylibbydog

Tapers Notes:

ZZ Top joins Jeff Beck at the Greek.

Set List:

1. Got Me Under Pressure
2. Have Mercy
3. Gimme All Your Lovin
4. I Gotsa Get Paid
5. Flying High
6. Foxy Lady
7. Catfish Blues
8. My Head's in Mississippi
9. Chartreuse
10. Sharp Dressed Man
11. Legs

12. Rough Boy*
13. Tush*

14. Fifteen Tons*

TT: 1:12


Billy Gibbons, Guitar Vocals
Dusty Hill, Bass
Frank Beard. Drums

Jeff Beck*

The true thanks go not to me, but to the taping community behind whose footsteps
I have followed, including those who have perfected the art of stealth
recordings, the makers of the stealthy mikes, cords, adapters, and preamps, and
those who have graciously shared their recording techniques.

I am merely a mike stand with a credit card and driver's license.

As always, I don't care what you do with these files, once you download
them--they are yours now, except these files are not for sale, free
trade only. You can thank me by uploading something of a similar genre
or trading with me, so I can.



ZZ Top - 01 Got Me Under Pressure.flac:5ac278cadd4fe59c9a2b8e352a51bc9b
ZZ Top - 02 Have Mercy.flac:20d6892e32229f2597151815676adf54
ZZ Top - 03 Gimme All Your Lovin.flac:937bdd10c2b18f5081527edc1c41aab3
ZZ Top - 04 I Gotsa Get Paid.flac:b8ef0df18bf1818d2abd5c50b9338703
ZZ Top - 05 Flying High.flac:a2ddf0ef1cf00d9df5f2cdf034f6d343
ZZ Top - 06 Foxy Lady.flac:2ef73dbaca84099d3f262eb6e98ccc02
ZZ Top - 07 Catfish Blues.flac:8ad12f55d33b85b4855f49d1dbc29ec2
ZZ Top - 08 My Head's in Mississippi.flac:89c3ac43bc23fa8fc1bbbb9fd415f680
ZZ Top - 09 Chartreuse.flac:b606bf3b5f6b07e42b46895a1082c52a
ZZ Top - 10 Sharp Dressed Man.flac:b9d47ffa748e80b792e5a4dae49b21d9
ZZ Top - 11 Legs.flac:bee0fe41eb3c897d8d823803319c2b6f
ZZ Top - 12 Rough Boy.flac:6dcc7a289a5d4349fed472cc17e11fa1
ZZ Top - 13 Tush.flac:1419cc17ff91831d8805729dfcab7ef7
ZZ Top - 14 Fifteen Tons.flac:70aaecb58bcd9210772375da86c90d46

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