ZZ Top
Lewiston, NY
June 6, 2017

24 bit version

Taped, transferred & mastered by }{eywood
Gear: Tascam DR-08
Lineage: Dr-08 (recording to .wav @ 24/96) > USB > Adobe Audition 1.5 (EQ, normalization, splits & fades) > Xrecode II (flac 8)

It was raining and cold the evening of this show, so bad weather mars the recording a bit. I had to cover the recorder to keep it dry, and because the main bowl at Artpark was full of umbrellas that blocked the view of the stage I sat on the side hill and watched the show on the monitor. Consequently this was taped about 15 fet in front of the satellite PA, not the main stacks.

ZZ played only about an hour and ten minutes, then got the hell out of there. Those old Texans can't handle the cold, as evidenced by the badly played guitar solos. Billy's hands must have been cold and stiff.

They also started without any introduction or tape, so I was kinda taken by surprise, barely getting the recorder booted up in time for the first notes. Eventually the moisture got to the rocorder, because during the last song it just shut off and didn't turn back on for a couple days.

01 Got Me Under Pressure
02 Waiting for the Bus
03 Jesus Just Left Chicago
04 Gimme All Your Lovin'
05 Pincushion
06 I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
07 I Gotsta Get Paid
08 Foxy Lady
09 My Head's in Mississippi
10 16 Tons
11 Act Naturally
12 Cheap Sunglasses
13 Chartreuse
14 Sharp Dressed Man
15 Legs

16 La Grange
17 Tush