Speed corrected by floydrocks
Thanks to E-rroneous for providing original FLACs.

Lineage: Tape (probably master)>?>CD>Trade>FLACs from E-rroneous>Sony Soundforge (speed correction)>FLAC

I speed corrected this to the best of my ability. It may not be perfect, but original tape was running way too fast. I believe I used -50 to get as close as I could to regular pitch (used other boot from 1977 as a reference)

It's a great show that surfaced recently. Enjoy!

From zzlive.com:

Quality on this is B+ / A-. Another RARE 1977 recording that just surfaced in early 2006. Not a bad recording for the day, 29 years ago. Outstanding performance! Billy announces their new album Tejas. The original tape sounds heat distorted during Thunderbird but it clears up quite nice during Chevrolet and for the rest of the show. Thank goodness this was converted to digital in 2006 so it was not lost forever.

(2) CD SET

01) Thunderbird
02) Chevrolet (Extended version with bizarre guitar jam!)
03) Precious and Grace (Alabama)
04) Waiting for the Bus
05) Jesus Just Left Chicago (Birmingham Alabama)
06) Enjoy & And Get It On
07) Pan Am Highway Blues
08) Move It On Down The Line

Billy says "Well, I don't know about everyone back there in the back row but it smells like everyones having a good time right up here in the front!"

09) It's Only Love
10) Ten Dollar Man

Billy says "Oh yeah, everybody having a good time so far this evening? That's right ladies, that is Dusty Hill right there from the Lone Star State of Texas. He's gonna sing this one for ya right heh!"

11) Heard it on the X (Fast paced version, jams hard!)
12) Arrested for Driving While Blind
13) Balinese
14) Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings
15) She's A Heartbreaker

Billy says "Oh me, lemme introduce you to a little girlfriend of mine, miss Pearly Gates, she's been with me for a long time. And before the show started we had a little conversation she said Billy don't let the night go by without playing me something maybe something everyone one here in Birmingham might understand. And I said what might that be? And she said how about a little beer drinkin' and hell raisin'!"

16) Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers
17) Blue Jean Blues
(Billy says during the song, I sure hope I can hear somebody say get down tonight, cause I am gonna tear this guitar up! And the crowd screams GET DOWN!) .. A very bizarre and awesome version where Billy really does tear it up hard. Includes an extra version of a guitar solo and Billy says "That wasn't in the record, just something special for tonight." Also includes a short sermon about being treated bad by your old lady or your old man. And "I don't care if you're a lowdown hillbilly from Texas or a lowdown hillbilly from Alabama".

18) Rattlesnake Shake (Long extended version, unbelievable!)
19) La Grange
20) La Grange Part II
21) Sloppy Drunk
22) BBQ


Billy says "Ya'll about ready for the second set to start?"

23) Mexican Blackbird (Vocals by Billy)
24) El Diablo
25) Goin' Down To Mexico
26) Tush
27) Backdoor Love Affair
28) Mellow Down Easy
29) Backdoor Love Affair Part 2
30) Long Distance Boogy (Alabama lyrics)

The show is ended with both Billy and Dusty yelling "Boogie Train" not once, but twice, then a final single verse jam and the crowd goes insane as they exit.