Zac Brown Band
24th Annual Byron Bay Bluesfest
New South Wales


Shared by: Woff [WWWoff-92]

Lineage: Roland-R05 (internal mics, 24/48) > PC > Cool Edit Pro (editing, track splits, downsample to 16/44.1) > TLH > FLAC (level 8, aligned on SB)


01 Intro
02 Keep Me In Mind
03 As She's Walking Away
04 Jump Right In
05 The Wind
06 Colder Weather
07 Who Knows
08 Guitar solo / instrumental
09 Toes
10 Goodbye In Her Eyes
11 Uncaged
12 [intro Bonnie Raitt]
13 I Shall Be Released (with Bonnie Raitt)
14 Knee Deep
15 The Devil Went Down to Georgia
16 [talking]
17 Free -> Into The Mystic -> Free
18 Chicken Fried
19 [band intros]


Considering the recording venue (music festival) and equipment (internal mics) this is just a memento of a show I attended, which I am happy to share with anyone who may have an interest in listening to it. There are samples provided to help you make that choice.

It is what it is, if you can make it better, feel free.

Do as you will with it, once it is out there I can't stop you anyway.

Most of all - enjoy