Zac Brown Band
Black Out the Sun Tour
Audience/IEM Matrix
A PAvilion in
Charlotte, NC (USA)



Source: Berliner CM-33�s > Naiant Littlebox > Sony PCM-M10 (24/48)
Transfer: SDHC > Amadeus Pro (16/44.1) > WAV > xACT > Flac
Location: Lawn, right of center, 7� high
Taped by: NSL

IEM: Univonc

Audience post:


Audience and IEms were both recorded on separate recorders at 48/24
Both were edited individually (by me) and then time aligned through Adobe audition CC2015
Mixing was done with Adobe Audition CC2015/izotope 5.0
Matrix exported into wave 48k/24 bit and then all songs were cut
Copy of 48k sampled to 44/16 and then placed through Trader Little Helper to FLAC


Please note that this show is separate and different from the one posted above.

This was a side project. NSL got such a great audience, I wanted to work with it and produce the matrix.

This is my 5th time recording such a great band and he keeps getting better. I thought the 2015 show was a little anemic, but this one was defintely worthy of recording and watching. Zac is the complete band. I am not a country fan, per se, but I will go see this one anytime.

Please do not distribute, nor sell this recording at all. This is done for the joy of music.

Special thanks to my colleague for sharing the audience. His works are always great.

IEMS may not be your thing but please keep your thoughts and comments to yourself. It will not change my style of recording. Futhermore, please do not post on other websites unless passed by myself or twmtpj.

Set 1:
01 Intro
02 Day That I Die
03 Homegrown
04 Sweet Annie
05 Castaway
06 The Wind
07 As She�s Walking Away
08 S.O.B
09 Knee Deep
10 Jack & Diane^
11 Tomorrow Never Comes
12 banter
13 Under The Bridge*
14 It�s Not OK*
15 I�ll Be Your Man*

Set 2:
01 Free
02 Toes
03 Keep Me In Mind>
04 Band Introductions
05 Colder Weather^^
06 Don�t Let Me Down
07 Camp Southern Ground Announcement
08 Loving You Easy
09 Beautiful Drug
10 Encore
11 Baba O� Riley
12 Chicken Fried
13 Outro

^w/ Drake White on vocals
* Acoustic
^^w/ guest vocalist