Date: 2012-07-18 (18 July 2012)
City: M�nchen (Munich), Germany
Venue: Night Club, Hotel Bayerischer Hof

Zakir Hussain - tabla
Rakesh Chaurasia - bansuri
Ganesh Rajagopalan - violin
Sridar Parthasarathy - mridangam, kanjira
Navin Sharma - dholak
Abbos Kosimov (from Uzbekistan) - doyra (frame drum), qayroq (metal and stone castanets)
unannounced vocalist

Sony ECM-717 > Edirol R-09HR (44.1 kHz/16 bit) > WAV (split into tracks using WaveLab
Lite, slight normalizing applied to the first set only) > flac level 8 (TLH)


Set 1:
01 Applause (0:34 min)
02 Vocal (2:55 min)
03 Alap: bansuri & tabla (18:16 min)
04 Gat in Mattatal (9 beat rhythm cycle): bansuri & tabla (8:07 min)
05 Gat in Drut Tintal (fast 16 beat rhythm cycle): bansuri & tabla (5:02 min)
06 Tabla solo (5:38 min)
07 Tabla solo - compositions (2:13 min)
08 Gat in Drut Tintal (fast 16 beat rhythm cycle), resumed: bansuri & tabla (5:40 min)
TRT: 48:32 min

Set 2:
01 Violin, mridangam & tabla (8:48 min)
02 Violin (5:59 min)
03 Violin, mridangam & tabla (8:41 min)
04 Mridangam solo (8:44 min)
05 Zakir�s announcement (1:09 min)
06 Folk melody (7 beat rhythm cycle): flute, tabla, dholak, doyra (4:19 min)
07 Doyra solo (5:51 min)
08 Dholak solo (4:54 min)
09 Doyra solo (3:18 min)
10 Dholak solo (2:31 min)
11 Doyra solo (2:06 min)
12 Dholak solo (1:46 min)
13 Folk melody (6 beat rhythm cycle) & introductions (8:18 min)
14 Rhythm circle (all instruments) & final applause (5:01 min)
TRT: 63 min

- The first set basically followed a classical North Indian raga exposition, but with a few
unconventional elements: The �alap� was structured as a dialog between tabla and flute, and
Zakir�s tabla solo was inserted in the Drut Tintal part.
- The first part of the second set was focused on the South Indian classical (Carnatic)
tradition, the second part on the folk tradition.
- Zakir used two differently tuned dayas (right hand drums) plus a sort of bass pad (the sound
reminded me of a dancer wearing brass bells, I don�t know if this was the intended effect).
- Recorded from a seat slightly to the right approx. 5 meters from the PA, with the people in
front of me seated on the floor.
- This was a great show, though it's a pity that Zakir didn't play an extended tabla solo (that's
why I came for, mainly). I hope you like the recording - please comment if you feel like it!