Sydney Opera House Main Hall
Sydney, Australia
October 21St 2011

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Zakir Hussain, Tabla, Vocals
Taufiq Qureshi Djembe, Drums(Encore), Vocals
Navin Sharma Dholak
Sabir Khan Saronji
Rakesh Chorasia Flute
Abbos Kosimov Doyra

And The Dancing Drummers Of Manipur.

2 sets I added the titles in a whimsical moment as the gig was
basically 2 continuous pieces with some obvious changes in stles.
There was some very visual moments especially when the
Dancing Drummers were on stage (as their name would suggest) and these
can usually be identified when the audience bursts into cheers.
Another example would be when Abbos Kosimov played 2 then 3 Doyra
on track 4 disc 2
Apologies if I identified any of the percussion details incorrectly
on side 2. By this point I was getting pretty sore (got a neck injury)
and I was getting very distracted by pain killers.(LOL)
I got the band details from a poster outside of the venue which a
security guard illuminated for us at the end of the show. Taken on a
camera phone,I've included a small scan with the files.

This is philandjenny recording no 2.