Zakir Hussain and the Masters of Percussion
Long Gully
Belair National Park Womad Earth Station
October 22nd 2011

Zakir Hussain: Tabla
Taufiq Qureshi: Djembe,
Dilshad Khan: Sarangi.
Navin Sharma: Dholak)
Abbos Kosimov Doyra
Rakesh Chaurasia :Bansuri

Those of you who love drumming and music from the sub continent will love this show. it was a lovely evening , a superb setting , amongst the trees and the hills of the national park. the audience were mostly very quiet, there are a few faint noises of children in the background ( they get in free at this festival ) and on one occasion a few people came down the front and started dancing and making a minor bit of noise, they were told the " bugger off' and this only lasts few seconds.
I have cleaned up any wind noises and the very occasional sound of clothing movement as well as applause , this is the only time i have used the internal mics on the sony M10 and they have generally done a very nice job.

Sony PCM M10 > 16bit wav > Mac Pro > Adobe Audition ( remove excess applause , levels and minor EQ > XACT ( LEVEL 8 )

Stealth mode 4 metres from stage, quiet audience .
taped, transferred,mastered by 'Father of the sons of champlin'