ZAPPA at the Whisky!
West Hollywood, California
August 17, 2019

Scott Thunes- bass
Robert Martin - keyboards, saxophone & vocals
Ray White - guitar & vocals
Mike Keneally - keyboard, guitars & kazoo
Joe Travers - drums, vocals & M.C.

with guests:
Eric Dover - guitar & vocals
Ian Underwood - piano
Toshi Yanagi - guitar
Ahmet Zappa - vocals & M.C. for the encore

Disc One:
01. Zombie Wolf
02. Alien Orifice (false start)
03. Alien Orifice
04. Band introductions
05. The Evil Prince
06. Khaki Sack
07. City Of Tiny Lights
08. Number 2
09. What's New In Baltimore
10. Introduction of Eric Dover
11. Tell Me You Love Me [Eric Dover - guitar & vocals]
12. Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy [Eric Dover - guitar]
13. Farther Oblivion

Disc Two:
01. Andy
02. Introduction of Ian Underwood
03. The Black Page > [Ian Underwood - piano]
04. Peaches en Regalia [Ian Underwood - piano]
05. Introduction of Toshi Yanagi
06. Cosmik Debris [Ian Underwood - piano & Toshi Yanagi - guitar]
07. Whipping Post [Toshi Yanagi - guitar]
08. Cheepnis
09. Ahmet - shares a story
10. My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama >
11. Dead Girls of London
12. The Cosmic Pony and the Iron Sausage
13. I'm The Slime

Recorded by -M-
SP-CMC8 (Audio Technica at-943 microphone pair) > SP-SPSB-11 (battery box) > Sony PCM M-10 @ 24-48
iZotope RX6 advanced & Har-Bal 3.7 > CD Wave > AudioGate Aqua (16-44) > TLH (flac 8)

The band has no name but goes by ZAPPA at _____ (fill in the venue).
These are the musicians that played in the recent "hologram tour" without Ed Mann on percussion.
Something put together between tours for the home-town crowd but without the hologram.

Technical problems:
Ray White's guitar amp goes south during "Alien Orifice".
Legendary roadie, Thomas Nordegg tried to fix it on stage but it continued to break-up until they finally replaced the amp and speaker.
The new gear was a bit noisy but it worked.

The fog machine caused issues with Ray's throat and he was coughing a lot.
Ray finally complained about it so they turned it off and solved the problem.

For historical reference only and not intended for resale or any commercial use

-M- (August 2019) (Version 2 with track cut for "Peaches En Regalia")


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