Zappa Plays Zappa 10-18-06

Zappa Plays Zappa 10-18-06
Paramount Theatre, Denver CO
Lineage: Aud>?>CDR>Soundforge>Flac

Set List:

Disc 1
1 Andy
2 Call Any Vegetable
3 Tell Me you Love Me
4 Who Are the Brain Police?
5 Can't Afford No Shoes
6 Pygmie Twylyte
7 Idiot Bastard Son
8 Cheepnis
9 I'm The Slime
10 Pound For a Brown
11 Don't Eat the Yellow Snow>St. Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast>Father Oblivion
12 Inca Roads
13 I'm So Cute
14 Tryin to Grow a Chin
15 Advance Romance

Disc 2
1 Punky's Whips
2 The Black Page #1>The Black Page #2
3 Peaches en Regalia
4 Montana
5 Village of the Sun
6 Encinada's Arf
7 Zombie Woof
8 Black Napkins
9 The Torture Never Stops

10 Orange County>Trouble Every Day>Tush Tush Tush (Token) (CUT)
11 Regyptian Strut

The show came on the heels of a nasty snowstorm that occurred prior to the show. My buddy's
son and his friend drove from California for over 24 hours straight through the storm, arriving
with some Freakout beer about a half hour before the sound check (Thanks Kyle!). After enjoying the brews
in the parking garage (while observing a very large Penguin and some other freaks) we heading straight into the
soundcheck and subsequent show. The friend, by the way, turned me on to Dime the next day.
My computer hasn't been the same since- Thanks David!
This is the set list as best I can see it/ remember it. It may be off in some cases.
This was the opening night of the Fall/Winter tour and they came out smokin'!
I would rate the sound quality at about an A- or perhaps a bit higher. It's better than many of the other ZPZ
shows out there that I've obtained, but certainly not without flaws. Unfortunately,
whoever taped this either shut off the recorder in between songs or just did a really
crappy job of editing it. I'm guessing the tool who butchered this show had no idea how to
properly edit and track and even burn.. As a result, it is missing much of the banter / intros to
the songs and the tracks start and end rather abruptly. Some tracks were also combined.
It is presented to you in the raw format without any editing, other than to:
1. remove the gaps between the tracks with Soundforge
2. re-tracking the songs to eliminate the combined tracks and
3. put in fades at the ends/starts of some abruptly cut tracks to smooth it out a bit.
The only good to come out of all this is that it will fit on two discs now and sounds a helluva lot better
without the abrupt cuts and 2 second gaps between tracks...
If I didn't know better (and maybe I don't) the original discs I received of this show look like a
Ninja butcher job. Still, something is better than nothing and the sound is quite good.
Thanks to Roy for providing the discs to me.
Finally, I'm offering this show as I've not seen it listed anywhere else and figure I'm not
the only one that has been looking for it. Hopefully a better edited copy will appear someday.