OK, this is a rarely seen recording or I'd have just archived it and never listened to it again, however since it's a nice show it was worth fixing as the only show in Czechoslovakia on the first European tour and Frank Zappa had many contacts in that part of the world.

Originally seeded on Demonoid by Satank SA/FA profile indicates possibly Minidisc recording though should be the Master, but it's difficult to communicate with the originator as I speak no Czech. :)

Rejoined, dozens of edits, gaps & clicks removed, completely re-tracked, SBE's fixed, and normalised (-3.00db) flac lvl8. (Sound Studio & xACT)

Possible master> HD > CD archive (2 sec gaps!) > EAC rip (hopefully) > Flacs > Me > Dime > You

ZpZ - 2006 05 23
Sazka Arena
Prague (Praha)

Dweezil Zappa - Guitar, Vocals
Joe Travers - Drums
Pete Griffin - Bass
Scheila Gonzales - Keyboards, Vocals, Sax
Aaron Arntz - Keyboards, Vocals, Trumpet
Jamie Kime - Rythm Guitar, Vocals
Billy Hulting - Percussion
Ray White - Lead Vocals, Guitar

Special Guests:
Napoleon Murphy Brock
Steve Vai
Terry Bozzio

Recorded and transferred by Satankr
Edited by unicrayon for Zappateers

01 Help, I'm A Rock (incomplete - 5 sec fade in)
02 Hungry Freaks Daddy
03 Florentine Pogen
04 Pygmy Twylyte
05 Idiot Bastard Son
06 King Kong
07 Don't Eat Yellow Snow
08 St Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast
09 Inca Roads
10 Imaginary Diseases (Fade Out)
11 Intro To Bozzio (Fade In)
12 I'm So Cute
13 Tryin' To Grow Me A Chin
14 City of Tiny Lights
15 Punky's Whips
16 The Black Page
17 Black Page #2
18 Peaches En Regalia
19 Montana
20 Village In The Sun
21 Echidna's Arf (Of You)
22 Zomby Woof
23 Sofa
24 Applause
25 Oh No!
26 Trouble Every Day
27 Token/Band Outros

If burning to CD's:
Disc 1 ends at the intermission
Disc 2 after Zomby Woof
Disc 3 is Sofa and the encores.

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