Zappa Plays Zappa
Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PA - USA
June 11th, 2006

Audience Recording
CoreSound Cardioids > Sony D8 Line In ( From RGT Orchestra Row FF Aisle Seat 1 )

Tascam Da20-mkII > M Audio Delta Card (Via S/PDIF) > Goldwave > mkwACT

TAPED BY: Dave Ramani


Total Time: 2:56:00


Dweezil Zappa - Guitar
Napoleon Murphy Brock - Flute, Alto saxophone & Vocal
Pete Griffin - Bass
Jamie Kime - Guitar
Joe Travers - Drums & Vocals
Aaron Arntz - Keyboards, Trumpet, Vocals
Sheila Gonzales - Keyboards,Sax & Vocals
Billy Hulting - Percussion & Marimba

Special Guests:
Steve Vai - Guitar #
Terry Bozzio - Drums & Vocals *


Disc 1
01. Imaginary Diseases
02. Hungry Freaks Daddy
03. Letís Make the Water Turn Black
04. Florentine Pogen
05. Pygmy Twylyte
06. The Idiot Bastard Son
07. Cheepnis
08. King Kong Variations
09. Donít Eat The Yellow Snow
10. St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast
11. Father O'Blivion

Disc 2
01. Inca Roads
02. Eat That Question
03. I'm So Cute *
04. Tryin' To Grow A Chin *
05. City Of Tiny Lites *
06. Punky's Whips *
07. The Black Page # 1 *
08. The Black Page # 2 *#
09. Peaches En Regalia #

Disc 3
01. Montana #
02. Village of the Sun #
03. Echindaís Arf (Of You) #
04. Zomby Woof #
05. Camarillio Brillo
06. Son Of Orange County
07. More Trouble Every Day ( Bozzio Solo ) * #
08. A Token Of My Extreme * #


942ad4f8484915a51c5cc5590eb85d61 *ZPZ.2006.06.11d1t01-Imaginary Diseases.shn
e334066684ad6f3a8a5e88d039568015 *ZPZ.2006.06.11d1t02-Hungry Freaks Daddy.shn
67097b3e8663fa22c6953f3165ae3fcf *ZPZ.2006.06.11d1t03-Letís Make the Water Turn Black.shn
5a8b66f2b6d19d8e7f7bca5d205462a2 *ZPZ.2006.06.11d1t04-Florentine Pogen.shn
ad50e233624c63d7f3ea08c037a91af6 *ZPZ.2006.06.11d1t05-Pygmy Twylyte.shn
1eda4df2a51f07356eabda5eccb6a336 *ZPZ.2006.06.11d1t06-The Idiot Bastard Son.shn
266471dc0ccba4574850076a9814e111 *ZPZ.2006.06.11d1t07-Cheepnis.shn
abca9a344ff7ef1452d5c416bebd9651 *ZPZ.2006.06.11d1t08-King Kong Variations.shn
7ef665def0f85b4384f91df1786af53f *ZPZ.2006.06.11d1t09-Donít Eat The Yellow Snow.shn
d6c4b969a6b42d7d8a864d3782a026eb *ZPZ.2006.06.11d1t10-St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast.shn
f0e2219116a3de48e572060ccae18500 *ZPZ.2006.06.11d1t11-Father O'Blivion.shn
4c3012f24dd81808147e0a685e888450 *ZPZ.2006.06.11d2t01-Inca Roads.shn
b5c9178039e511f3056199a545b01a53 *ZPZ.2006.06.11d2t02-Eat That Question.shn
299adb42e46934d12a4f5608c21b752e *ZPZ.2006.06.11d2t03-I'm So Cute.shn
ef458451eaa1eb5662825b554ec1146a *ZPZ.2006.06.11d2t04-Tryin' To Grow A Chin.shn
9eb0bc05b55bc26e7e7553aeccc3d81c *ZPZ.2006.06.11d2t05-City Of Tiny Lites.shn
f14b4b09b1ce68039e460156238c012c *ZPZ.2006.06.11d2t06-Punky's Whips.shn
ec1c6eb227fc0c3273f1c672f8fbf1ce *ZPZ.2006.06.11d2t07-The Black Page # 1.shn
ffda3d16c8d7345a8ed46618adee937f *ZPZ.2006.06.11d2t08-The Black Page # 2.shn
7275e875fad1b8ee9b7f9d0017d5ce0c *ZPZ.2006.06.11d2t09-Peaches En Regalia.shn
14d2914eb7e0f78c4a545b38ea304398 *ZPZ.2006.06.11d3t01-Montana.shn
2e4278077ffb7281f4743e03eb90501d *ZPZ.2006.06.11d3t02-Village of the Sun.shn
510cbedd6a45956bbbd39315b18bc2d2 *ZPZ.2006.06.11d3t03-Echindaís Arf (Of You).shn
de9ded2236e72619eba7b1283b9fb7fa *ZPZ.2006.06.11d3t04-Zomby Woof.shn
064bf46bbc2f930ac07f52b8da62a930 *ZPZ.2006.06.11d3t05-Camarillio Brillo.shn
361a267240b10cf1a68c6591abff189b *ZPZ.2006.06.11d3t06-Son Of Orange County .shn
09ee91b7f8c6747ea96f3b9b2c8de364 *ZPZ.2006.06.11d3t07-More Trouble Every Day ( Bozzio Solo ).shn
d4cc93a9e8021c6e97f395ec48b4456e *ZPZ.2006.06.11d3t08-A Token Of My Extreme.shn

Notes About The Show:

One Word. AMAZING !!! I Saw Frank Zappa Twice At The Tower Theatre In 1984 & 1988 ( Taped The '88 Show But Never Circulated It ) And This Was Just Simply Mind-Blowing. The Setlist ( For Me ) Was Perfect. Would I Like To Have Heard Some Joe's Garage Or Later Stuff, Sure, But With A Catalog As HUGE To Choose From I Think Dweezil Did A Great Job. His Playing Has Greatly Improved & The Band He's Assembled Is Top-Notch. I Haven't Been This Excited For So Many Days After A Show In A Long Time. I'm Still Bragging About It To Anyone Who'll Listen. If You Can Manage It Go See This Show !!!!!

Notes On The Recording:

Overall & Great Sounding Tape. There Is Some Minor Phasing In The Beginning Of Imaginary Diseases & Towards The End Of Florentine Pogen Into Pygmy Twylyte Due To My Postion And The Fact That Everyone Around Me Was In The Wrong Seats Prompting Security And General Chaos In The Aisle Right In Front Of Me. Other Than That This Recording Sounds Killer !!

Turn It Up & Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!