Zappa Plays Zappa at the Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA, June 13, 2006, incomplete audience recording.

This was recorded with Sony TCS-580V with built-in stereo mics. Radio Shack XR90 (Type I) went from Onkyo TA-RW313 into Audigy Soundblaster SE. Track markings and disc made with Magix Music On CD And DVD program. Wav created with Roxio Easy Media 8, flac with Flac Frontend.

The quality on this gets a B/B-. I have been holding onto this one for almost a year, due to some problems with the recording. When I flipped the first tape, I apparantly wasn't recording, so there's a few tracks between King Kong and the end of Inca Roads missing. The next problem is during the beginning of City Of Tiny Lights, when the recorder got knocked onto the floor while I was getting a drink - it's a bit muffled for about a minute. Next flaw - tape flip occurs during Punky's Whips. Final flaw - More Trouble Every Day fades early, because I had to leave in an attempt to catch the last train home. It's mostly a nice listen, though a bit chatty at times. This was recorded from the balcony (Row 0, seat 5). I'm sure the cuts will annoy some, but I have not seen any recordings of this show circulating, so I hope somebody enjoys this. Peace!

01 - Imaginary Diseases
02 - Hungry Freaks Daddy.
03 - Let's Make The Water Turn Black
04 - Florentine Pogen
05 - Pygmy Twylyte
06 - Idiot Bastard Son
07 - Cheepnis
08 - intro to King Kong
09 - King Kong cut
10 - end of Inca Roads - introduce Bozzio
11 - I'm So Cute
12 - Trying To Grow A Chin
13 - City Of Tiny Lights
14 - Punky's Whips
15 - The Black Page 1
16 - The Black Page 2
17 - Peaches En Regalia
18 - Montana
19 - Village In The Sun
20 - Echidna's Arf (Of You)
21 - Zombie Woof
22 - crowd noise
23 - Cosmik Debris
24 - Eat That Question
25 - Oh No - Outro of Son Of Orange County Truck
26 - More Trouble Every Day fades