Zappa Plays Zappa
June 21, 2006 Wednesday
Dodge Theatre
Phoenix, AZ

Sony Mindisc Recorder > Sony ECM-909 > Audacity > xAct > SBE > FLAC

Transfer assisted by: TAKRL
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Running time: 2:16:28
761.2 MB
16 Bit

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“By music enthusiasts for music enthusiasts”.
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Mastered in Tierra Del Fuego

01 Intro :34
02 Imaginary Diseases 5:55
03 Hungry Freaks Daddy 3:26
04 Let's Make The Water Turn Black 3:32
05 Florentine Pogen 9:32
06 Pygmy Twylyte 2:41
07 The Idiot Bastard Son 2:24
08 Cheepnis 5:14
09 King Kong 11:03
10 Don't Eat the Yellow Snow 2:27
11 St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast 2:52
12 Father O'Blivion2:38
13 Inca Roads 15:47
14 Eat That Question 11:25
15 I'm So Cute 3:25
16 Tryin' To Grow A Chin 4:05
17 Punky's Whips 12:26
18 The Black Page #2 4:14
19 Peaches en Regalia 3:12
20 Montana 8:00
21 Village of the Sun 3:15
22 Echidna's Arf (Of You) 4:58
23 Zomby Woof 7:55
24 Chunga's Revenge 5:16 (video screen suffers technical problems)

Played but not recorded:
25 Camarillo Brillo
26 Son of Orange County
27 More Trouble Every Day
28 A Token of My Extreme

Dweezil Zappa - guitar and vocals
Pete Griffin - bass
Jamie Kime - guitar
Joe Travers - drums and vocals
Aaron Arntz - keyboards, trumpet and vocals
Scheila Gonzalez - keyboards, sax and vocals
Billy Hulting - percussion and marimba
Napoleon Murphy Brock - flute, alto saxophone and vocal

special guests:
Steve Vai - guitar
Terry Bozzio - drums (Terry had an arm problem at this show and could not play)

Trade Freely!
NEVER sell.

Comments of Mr. John Beresford Tipton Jr.:

“Dweezil Zappa and Zappa Plays Zappa tour came to the then named Dodge Theatre in Phoenix, AZ in 2006 on the first ZPZ tour. Terry Bozzio was to be a guest drummer but he suffered arm trouble and was unable to drum. Recordist TAKRL in 2006 was just getting back into the live recording scene after an absence of over 15 years. Unfamiliarity with the Sony Mindisc recorder resulted in much nervousness and unfortunately the final 3 songs of the evening were not documented. There are some sound level changes starting with Pygmy Twylyte. Enjoy this show for what it is. The return of Frank Zappa’s music to a live performance and the re-emergence of TAKRL as a live documenter.”

Comments from TAKRL (recordist):
“This live document represents both the beginning and end as a live documentarian and for the recording device. After an absence of 15 plus years from the live documenting scene, due to many reasons an emergence occurred on this date and from this point forward, documenting live shows became a focus in life again. This show also represents the end of the Sony Minidisc recorder as a recording device. During the 1980’s a Sony WM-D6C audio cassette deck was the primary device used to document live shows and ambient sounds. As long as audio cassette tapes were used to document shows, a sense of determination, a set of spare C batteries and audio cassettes, Sony ECM-909 microphone and a stopwatch were “state of the art”. Yes, it was work and anxiety to document a live show. You had to now when tape was running low and hope to know how a setlist was developing so you could hopefully swap tape sides between songs.

Compared to the digital devices we have today, those Sony decks were certainly excellent and thousands of shows were documented, but time and technology have long passed them by. The “next step” in live documenting were DAT tape decks and Sony Minidisc recorders. Both these formats have their limitations. TAKRL never utilized a DAT deck for live shows. The Discman was a short lived piece of equipment.
Advantages of the Discman were the compact size, relatively small battery pack and decent sound fidelity. Disadvantages: the need to bring extra discs for recording longer shows. In addition, Discman did not have a digital output. Even worse, file transfers to your computer were in real time. No ability to grab a file and edit.
It was also difficult unless you had familiarized yourself with the buttons to stop and start recording with the Discman. After this concert, the quest to find a better digital recording device began. Eventually a M-Audio digital recorder was acquired along with new microphones. The M-Audio deck was a HUGE step forward. Not perfect by any means but certainly a huge step up.
Enjoy this concert for what it was.
The Beginning and End of many current and future adventures. All brought to you via the magic of the internet.
These are glorious times in many ways and not so good in other. Either way, music is here to bring us happiness…so listen to this show and find the happiness and joy it can bring your life.
Until next time……….