Zappa Plays Zappa
The Warner Theatre
Washington DC

core sound binaural cardiods (clamped to chest, mid balcony, row cc, seat 7, LOC) > SBM-1 (16, 48) > M1. DA-20 MKII (master DAT) > sony w-33 (built in SRC, 1 trk) > cd-rw (x3) > EAC > wavelab 5 (append tracks, patch, gain, fades) > cdwave > flacfrontend (level 6, SB alignment enabled) > flac.

01. andy
02. call any vegetable >
03. tell me you love me
04. brain police banter
05. who are the brain police? >
06. can’t afford no shoes
07. willie the pimp (emasculated)
08. pygmy twylyght >
09. the idiot bastard son >
10. cheepnis
11. I am the slime >
12. pound for a brown
13. don’t eat the yellow snow >
14. saint alphonso’s pancake breakfast >
15. father o’blivion
16. inca roads banter
17. inca roads
18. introducing Terry Bozzio
19. I’m so cute
20. trying to grow a chin
21. concern for Maddy
22. advance romance >
23. punky’s whips
24. the black pages banter
25. the black page #1 >
26. the black page #2 (enter Steve Vai)
27. peaches en regalia >
28. Montana >
29. village of the sun >
30. echidna’s arf (of you)
31. zombie wolf
32. black napkins >
33. the torture never stops
34. more trouble everyday (with drum solo and band intros)

this recording was made in the balcony third row behind the “warner grand suites”. The audience was sitting (in the balcony anyways) during the entire recording. I was sitting with the mics directly in front of and pointed at the left stack unobstructed. Luckily, only one person walked in front of me during the entire 3 hours and that was to leave toward the end of the show.

recording is seamless

recommended cd breaks are cd1 = 1-15, cd2 = 16 – 26, and cd3 = 27-34.

recorded, transferred, edited, and seeded by Travis Parsons.
thanks to Keith Sproat for the CSB’s, SBM-1, and Eco-charge on extended loan.

note 1: first 5 min 56 sec of “andy” supplied by riccco’s source (incomplete source, cuts out at inca roads) I downloaded from DAD. CoreSound High End Binaural's (Reconfigured DPA 4061's) > Switchable Bass Filter (Bass filter ON) > CoreSound 20dB Attenuator Cable > CoreSound Mic2496: Portable Dual Microphone Pre-Amp and A-to-D Converter (Set at 24bit/48000kps) > Toslink > Coresound PDAudio-CF: Compact Flash 24/96 S/PDIF digital audio interface for PDAs > iPAQ 2210 > Gidluck Live2496 PDAudio program (Recorded as Flac file)> Transcend 4GB SD card > Harddrive > Flac to Wave (via Flac frontend) Samplitude V8 Master (For Resampling, *EQ, and Tracks) > FLAC Frontend > you *(1dB was eq'd off 60-120 hz).

note 2: faint static heard in recording is from Terry Bozzio’s drum kit and not the DAT.

Dweezil Zappa - Stereo Gibson
Pete Griffin - bass
Jamie Kime - guitar
Joe Travers - drums
Aaron Arntz - keyboards
Sheila Gonzales - keyboards, sax and vocal
Billy Hulting - percussion and marimba

special guests:

Napoleon Murphy Brock - flute, alto saxophone and vocal;
Steve Vai - guitar;
Terry Bozzio - drums;