Zappa Plays Zappa

December 13 2006: Louisville KY

The Louisville Palace Theatre

Edirol R09(using built in mics)>(16/44.1 WAV on SanDisk 512mb card)>USB to PC>CoolEditPro2>CDWave>Traders Little Helper(flac level 8/test/fingerprints)>bit torrent.

This concert was a 16th birthday present for my son. I bought him, myself, and several of his friends balcony tickets for the show.

I had "More Trouble Everyday" trying to record this show, thus it is only a couple of songs. I pulled one of the capsules off of my new Omni's that I had at the time, thus the required use of the built in mics. I also suffered a low battery situation early on in the show, mistakenly inserted a 512 mb card, hit the pause button by mistake, and had a security guy stand right next to me during the entire show. And I dont mean just near me, I could have reached over and touched him! I just gave up and placed the recorder in my shirt pocket and enjoyed the show, figuring I would just listen to the recording a couple of times and probably delete it. Well, here it is for the hardcore completist and those who were at the show.

Not my best pull by a shot.