Zappa plays Zappa Aug 1st 2007 Salle Albert Rousseau Quebec City Canada

lineage: HEB DPA 4061's>battery box>line in>SONY MZ-RH1 (PCM WAV)>Sonic Stage>Nero>FLAC Frontend (level 8)


2-Noise Intro
3-Tiny Lights
4-Advance Romance
5-Montana (v)
6-Flo Po
7-Suzy Creamcheese
8-Brown Shoes Don't Make It
9-America Drinks And Go Home


1-Dumb All Over (v)
2-What's New in Baltimore
3-Pygmy Twylyte
4-Dweezil speaks to audience about song improv (#)
5-Dupree's Paradise (missing last minute)
6-Subime Ecstacy (#)
7-Uncle Remus
8-Willie The Pimp


1-Joe's Garage
2-Wind Up Workin' In The Gas Station
3-San Berdino
4-Illinois Enema Bandit
5-Cosmik Debris (v)
6-G-Spot Tornado
7-Muffin Man (v)
8-Yo Mama

v = videos with Frank Zappa
# = Quebec City exclusive song

Total runnig time is 2 Hours & 51 minutes. Featuring guest musician Ray White. Sitting front row dead center, Very enthusiastic crowd on hand for this concert. Dweezil screws up during Brown Shoes and offers apologies then resumes song. Funny add on line during america Drinks; Dwezil mentions "poutine" a french canadian dish made from french fries, cheese curds and topped with thick gravy...a true delicacy! Dupree's Paradise is missing the last minute due to changing MiniDisk, otherwise full concert unedited. Only audio tweaking is a light bass roll-off, sorry no artwork (I have no talent!). Second encore is Yo Mama. This is my first torrent there will be more to come, sit back & enjoy!