Zappa Plays Zappa

Rudy's Going To A Concert
The Theatre
Westbury, New York, USA

Source: M[DAT] > FLAC
Length: 164 minutes

Recording Information: Sony ECM-719 > Sony TCD-D7
Location: Section A, Row L, Seat 3
Transfer: Sony DTC-A7 > Digital Coax > M-Audio Audiophile > Firewire > CEP 2.1 > WAV

Recorded at 16/48. Downsampled to 16/44.1 using CEP 2.1

FLAC Conversion: WAV > TLH FLAC 8 > FLAC

Mastering and editing performed using CEP 2.1 and CDWAVE 1.95

Recorded by sydb

DAT transfer, mastering, and FLAC conversion by sydb

101 Improvisation
102 My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama
103 City Of Tiny Lights
104 Montana
105 Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy
106 I Am The Slime
107 Advance Romance
108 Dumb All Over
109 What's New In Baltimore?
110 Pygmy Twylyght

201 Dupree's Paradise
202 Rudy's Going To A Concert
203 Uncle Remus
204 Willie The Pimp
205 Joe's Garage
206 Wind Up Working In A Gas Station
207 San Ber'dino
208 Illinois Enema Bandit
209 Wild Love
210 Yo Mama

301 Cosmik Debris
302 G-Spot Tornado
303 Muffin Man

Having now seen this band twice in the past year, and hopefully again on Halloween, I can now say I have become a fan of Frank's music. Dweezil and his band do a fantastic job of representing Frank's compositions.

The show it self was fantasic. Highlights for me were 'Pygmy Twylyght' and all of the songs where the effortlessly synched up with audio and video footage of Frank playng and singing along with the band. But to be honest this show is worth it for just 'Pygmy Twylyght.' Dweezil absolutly does an amazing job with his solo for this, lasting nearly seven minutes. He would have made his dad proud.

The band played on a slowly rotating stage which is referenced a few times during the show. Thankfully there were speakers placed all around the top of the stage and my mics were pointed almost directly at them. The recording turned out great, perhaps my best ever. The crowd was very quiet and cooperative around me. A few drunkards can be heard in between songs from other areas of the theatre, but they do not ruin this recording in any way.

Enjoy the show!

Special Guest Ray White on tracks 103-110, 201-208, 301-302

Frank Zappa on vocals and lead guitar on tracks 104, 108, 301, and 303

Artwork courtesy of my friend beerlover

Sound: EX+
Overall: 9/10