Zappa Plays Zappa
Los Angeles, Ca.

Taper/Mastering Bob S.
SS dsm 6el>R-09 48/24
downsample 44.1/16 Audition 2

recrding loc.Sec 3 row 1 DFC

CD 1
Noise intro
Black Napkins (w/ FZ video)
City of Tiny Lights (Ray White)
Advance Romance (Ray White)
Dumb All Over (w/ FZ video)
What’s New in Baltimore?
Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy
Dog Meat
Suzy Creemcheese
Brown Shoes Don’t Make It
America Drinks and Goes Home
Peaches en Regalia

CD 2
Pygmy Twylyte
Dupree’s Paradise
Uncle Remus
Willie The Pimp
Joe’s Garage
Wind Up workin’ in a Gas Station
San Berdino

CD 3
Illinois Enema Bandit
Wild Love
Yo’ Mama
Cosmik Debris (KCET video FZ vocal and solo)
G Spot Tornado
Muffin Man (FZ solo from Baby Snakes video)

First off The Players:
Dweezil Zappa: Lead Guitar/ Vocals
Aaron Arntz: Keyboards & Trumpet
Scheila Gonzalez: Saxophone, Flute, Keyboards, Vocals, and waitress
Pete Griffin: Bass
Billy Hulting: Marimba, Mallets & Percussion
Jamie Kime: Guitar
Joe Travers: Drums & Vocals
Ray White: Alumni, Guitar and Vocals

On to the show. I settle in my dead center seat that was right behind the section reserved for friends and family, which I saw many of. I was not expecting a whole lot as I am old enough to have seen FZ many times dating back to the mid 70’s, but I was mildly surprised by the accuracy and proficiency of this incarnation. Although it didn’t have the intensity of an FZ show it was great for the people who had not seen him, or like me just to hear the music live once again. The addition of Ray White certainly did bring a level of authenticity to the show. The setlist did overall appeal to the masses with mostly rocking songs (which was a good thing). Highlights of the show were, City Of Tiny Lights, Advance Romance, Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy, and Dupree’s Paradise.

A decent recording, nothing special
If anyone wishes to make some artwork.. Go For It!