Zappa Plays Zappa

2007 09 30 Muenchen Circus Krone


Aud 140.37 B+ (Dweezils Guitar A+) MC

Lineage : Edirol 09 >2 GB memory card in 44.1 kHz 16 bit > Soundforge 8 song spliting and mastering > Flac Frontend level 8 with SBA > You

Here's the deal.
The sound was pretty bad, when I came in with the PA playing pre-show music, that I've decided to stand right in front of Dweezil and record the direct sound and not the PA.
The result is absolutly outstanding, to say the least. Outstanding, because there are certainly not many recordings like this.
What you get here is a kind of directly miked Dweezil Guitar Stereo Amp with some band as a support.
Not to misunderstand. You still hear a lot of the band and - except the vocals - they sound also pretty good.
It's just that this is THE recording for Dweezil fans. Listen to the COTL, AR, CHE, IEB and especially Pygmy solos and you know what I mean.
Dweezil was 1.5 m in front of me and I could see what he did with his effects during the solos and especially in Pygmy Twylyte you can hear it in all clarity on the recording.

I called his show 'Dweezil's Poleposition' and after the download you will know why.

This is the same show I seeded last year on TTD. As I had a couple of requests for it, I thought it might be good to seed here too for the folks, that missed out on it last october.



01 Improvisation
02 Dog Breath
03 Uncle Meat
04 City Of Tiny Lites
05 Advance Romance
06 Dumb All Over
07 What's New In Baltimore ?
08 Doreen
09 Carolina Hardcore Ecstacy
10 Pygmy Twylyte
11 Dupree's Paradise
12 Bratwurst Song ( aka Too much beer)
13 Uncle Remus
14 Willie The Pimp
15 Joe's Garage
16 Wind Up Working In A Gas Station
17 San Ber'dino
18 Zoot Allures (Yo Mama solo)
19 Ship Ahoy
20 Illinois Enema Bandit
21 Cosmik Debris
22 G Spot Tornado
23 Muffin Man