Zappa Plays Zappa - Duesseldorf,Germany
Philipshalle 2007.10.02

master tape>CDR(Philips CDR 570)>Wave(EAC)>
flac(8)TLH>align on sector boundaries.
In my opinion an excellent audience tape from the
2007 tour,great setlist,listen to MP3 samples.

This is a 3 CD set in the way I taped it,you can
burn CD 2 & CD 3 on one Cd if you delete track 20
it`s only applause or you overburn a CD,
it`s possible,I prooved it.I also have Stuttgart & Frankfurt
from this tour as master tapes,will seed them later.

* Dweezil Zappa: guitar, vocals
* Joe Travers: drums
* Pete Griffin: bass
* Aaron Arntz: keyboards & vocals
* Scheila Gonzales: horns, keyboards & vocals
* Billy Hulting: melodic percussion
* Jamie Kime: rhythm guitar
* special guest: Ray White: guitar & vocals

Setlist :

CD 1 :

02.Zoot Allures
03.Part Of Packard Goose/Ship Ahoi
04.City Of Tiny Lights
05.Advance Romance
07.Suzy Creamcheese
08.Brown Shoes Don`t Make It
09.America Drinks
10.Cosmik Debris
11.Carolina Hardcore Exctasy

CD 2 :

12.Pygmy Twilight
14.Uncle Remus
15.Willy The Pimp
16.Joe`s Garage
17.Wind Up Working In A Gas Station
18.San Ber`dino
19.Illinois Enema Bandit

CD 3 :

20.Applause For Encore
21.Dog Meat
22.G-Spot Tornado
23.Muffin Man

Total Time 140 min.

flac fingerprints :

7f23d82a1efab32e37129636154ddc2b *CD 1\01.Intro.flac
f084ce5a7baa0d7c6a3b3f42e54589ce *CD 1\02.Zoot Allures.flac
74e4ffd663968878178dd0fd5ab4568d *CD 1\03.Part of Packard Goose,Ship Ahoi.flac
0589bd469f69cac922b4f95b5deedb02 *CD 1\04.City Of Tiny Lights.flac
352b31ae3cba8744310324fb2b512794 *CD 1\05.Advance Romance.flac
03af724dbb817c3572d5995f6d1a5586 *CD 1\06.Doreen.flac
94d30aa54de7f796c10fbe1cc16b01e7 *CD 1\07.Suzy Creamcheese.flac
27f19da73155d8e8e806ee61a447b246 *CD 1\08.Brown Shoes Don`t Make It.flac
3f51f6efdc7b61f6e9049949242f6df8 *CD 1\09.America Drinks.flac
cd6e75b50fed98fa828bf258394c8d37 *CD 1\10.Cosmik Debris.flac
1e4438a82b0e75a878eb9df3d5f16722 *CD 1\11.Carolina Hardcore Exctasy.flac
fcafa6adc076dee771e6352135364200 *CD 1\CD 1.ffp
6492f214e5b9ecab914e1856747562ee *CD 2\12.Pygmy Twilight.flac
3668457b0e3398351ee9c9ccea5b4b82 *CD 2\13.Dupree`s Paradise.flac
1e6e1b275dbfeb0aac54976a29db22bd *CD 2\14.Uncle Remus.flac
a0701f106fb7410ac224e11cac5deb43 *CD 2\15.Willy The Pimp.flac
d94832e1df441787e36ec20c105cf710 *CD 2\16.Joe`s Garage.flac
29bd84e91c0924d16ea7b4c4775881cf *CD 2\17.Wind Up Working In A Gas Station.flac
7501d71406056a7121fbed542216fa05 *CD 2\18.San Ber`dino.flac
8f08612eea35e54f27f857a5f63fcccb *CD 2\19.Illinois Enema Bandit.flac
7c3145a2ff3fb36998c3222623902272 *CD 2\CD 2.ffp
c14469ab554a4eec746e74ce7ba58b6c *CD 3\20.Applaus For Encore.flac
7c0207a6f25104a90cd1b453d8478665 *CD 3\21.Dog Meat.flac
cb15a6ec03dcd606cbc9d518b02a9ce4 *CD 3\22.G-Spot Tornado.flac
a83469733b1ffaabb7fb993bcb163333 *CD 3\23.Muffin Man.flac
88c1475400617901fb77bc8b7935fe70 *CD 3\CD 3.ffp
92e5785c3469086a504e4598aba172f7 *Zappa Plays Zappa - Duesseldorf,Germany Philipshalle 2007.10.02.txt