Zappa Plays Zappa

Peer Gynt Salen

2007-10-10 (wednesday october 10th 2007)

Linage:SP CMC-2 stereo mics->Edirol R09(at level 8)->Cool Edit Pro 2.0(boosting,editing,channel evening,fadeout,fadeins & tracksplitting)->Flac Front End(level 8)

Taper,mastering & transfer:rideinthel

Stereo Digital Audience Recording
Total running time:129:02

Note:The recording is slightly incomplete,see recording notes below.

Disc 1(64:17)
1.Black Napkins
2.Dirty Love
3.Ray White Introduction
4.I'm Not Satsified
5.Lonely Little Girl
6.My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama - Echidna's ARF
8.Carolina Hardcore Ecstacy
9.City Of Tiny Lites
10.Dog Meat
11.G-Spot Tornado
12.Dupree's Paradise(fadeout at 10:03)

Disc 2(64:45)
1.Dupree's Paradise(fadein)
2.I Will Kick You In The Taco If You Ever Say That To Me Again
4.Uncle Remus
5.Willie The Wimp
6.CosmiK Debris
7.The Illonois Enema Bandit
8.Encore Break

9.Pygmy Twylyte
10.Joe's Garage
11.Muffin Man

The Band:
Dweezil Zappa(guitars & vocals)
Joe Travers(drums)
Pete Griffin(bass)
Aaron Arntz(keyboards & vocals)
Scheila Gonzales(horns,saxophone,keyboards & vocals)
Billy Hulting(melodic percussion,and other gadgets)
Jamie Kime(guitars)

Special guest star:
Ray White(guitar & vocals)

Superstar guest star:
Frank Zappa(occasionally on guitar and vocals)

Recording notes:
This is my second master recording with my new gear,so its still a learning process.Also at this recording I decided to leave my battery-box behind ,and as you can hear from my samples,I strongly believe I made a good choice.

I have some slight mic troubles at the start of the recording ,due to an rather bumpy and unfriendly taper enviroment,but I sorted it out pretty fast so it only lasts a few seconfds

However after approx 64 minutes of the gig,I had to abort my recording,as there were a couple on my lefthand side(my right mic) which was more interested in discussing their private life than listening to the concert.
Why bother bringing your misery out in the public,get a divorce or sort it out,and for gods sake dont bother the rest of the world with it,inparticular not saying it straight into my right mic!

This couple,which I had tried to quiten down and keep out of my hearing distance,ended up in an argument me with me which is edited out of the recording. The result was I was getting pissed off,marched out,first taking a leak and then buying me another round in the bar,before getting to my senses and relocating and continuing recording.
I am sorry for this recording being slighlty incomplete,there is aprrox 5 minutes missing,I did my upmost to make it good with editing out the arguments.
For the talkative couple,please eat that yellow snow,I will happily colour it for you,an please take your domestic troubles elsewhere and not bother fellow concert goers with your issues,and you should definitively not direct them into anyones mics!

Mastering notes:
No equalizing done. As I was on the left handside of the stage,my right mic picked up more then my left,so I have evened out the channels
Also I have made some edits due to the above mentioned problems,and made fade out before the troubles,and fadein after. I also split it up in disc 1 and 2 at this point.

Setlist notes:
I am no expert on Zappa,so please give me a word if I got any of the song titles wrong.

Support Frank Zappa,buy his albums and go out and see "Zappa Plays Zappa" if they come anywhere close to where you are or live,they were miles better than I expected!

A special thanks goes out to Soreballs,for all his good advices and sharing his experience using this equipment,cheers mate!

Also check the samples provide before considering downloading.

And finally there is no artwork available,feel free to make some and post it here

For free trade only. Don't sell.
Let the recording do its rounds here before posting the torrent elsewhere
Never convert to lossy formats,and post this in lossy format on hubs
Do not remaster and mess up any of my master recordings
Support the recording artist and buy their albums and go and see them in concert

uploaded by rideinthel on Dime october 2007