"Chevy Muscle Meat"
The Oakdale Theater
Wallingford, CT
November 1, 2007

Disc One:
1. Stink Foot
2. How Could I Be Such A Fool?
3. Ain't Got No Heart/I'm Not Satisfied
4. Lonley Little Girl
5. City of Tiny Lights
6. Doreen
7. Dumb All Over
8. What's New in Baltimore?
9. Joe's Garage
10. Wind Up Working in a Gas Station
11. San Ber'Dino
12. Zoot Alures
13. Ship Ahoy

Disc two:
1. Dupree's Paradise ('Muscle Meat')
2. Uncle Remus
3. Willie the Pimp
4. Cosmik Debris
5. Pygmy Twylyte
6. Dog Meat
7. G-Spot Tornado

Disc Three:
1. Illinois Enema Bandit
2. Carolina Hard-core Ecstacy
3. I'm the Slime
4. Muffin man

Recorded from the front row of the balcony. (Loge: Row A)
Mics: Core Sound Cardiods (with battery box)
Recorder: Roland Edirol R-09
WAV file transferred to PC via USB.
Volume adjustments etc done with Cool Edit Pro.
Track Splits with CD WAV.
Converted to SHN with MKW.
ohhhh, prettyyyyyyy