Zappa Plays Zappa
Ottawa Bluesfest - River Stage
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
July 5th 2008

DPA 4061 > Zoom H4 > Sony Vegas (stereo balancing, normalization, slight EQ) > The canyons of your mind

Terrific festival set from Zappa Plays Zappa's summer '08 tour. Adrian Belew was supposed to come out and do the Bob section of "Flakes", as his band was on the same bill that night, but sadly that did not happen.
One of the best "Joe's Garage" extravaganzas of the tour. The vibe that night was so incredible, I wished it would never end, I think most people that where there would agree.

This was my first recording using the DPAs, they where poking out of my hat, so I spent most of the night trying to stand as still as possible while my friends deflected noodle dancers and swaggering drunks. Good times!

01 Intro - keyboard problems
02 Eat That Question
03 City of Tiny Lites
04 Illinois Enema Bandit
05 Flakes
06 Broken Hearts Are For Assholes
07 Bamboozled By Love
08 King Kong
09 Joes Garage
10 Fembot in a Wet Tshirt
11 On The Bus
12 Outside Now
13 He Used To Cut the Grass
14 Packard Goose
15 Willie The Pimp
16 Cosmik Debris