Zappa plays Zappa
July 13, 2008
concert "North Sea Jazz Festival", Rotterdam, The Netherlands

audience recording
80 min
master clone

recorded on MiniDisc by UniMuta
- about 10 m from the stage
- Sony MD Walkman MZ-R37, mono mode
- Yoga EM-8 electret condenser clip microphone

MiniDisc -> SB Audigy 2 ZS -> HD
dBpowerAmp -> FLAC (lowest compression)
Traders Little Helper -> md5

20080713 concert "north sea jazz festival", rotterdam, the netherlands

* Dweezil Zappa: guitar, vocals
* Joe Travers: drums
* Pete Griffin: bass
* Aaron Arntz: keyboards & vocals
* Scheila Gonzales: horns, keyboards & vocals
* Billy Hulting: melodic percussion
* Jamie Kime: rhythm guitar  
special guest
* Ray White: guitar & vocals

d1t01 'welcome to the north sea jazz'
d1t02 'a nice afternoon for frank zappa's music'
d1t03 the purple lagoon
d1t04 city of tiny lites
d1t05 'we're happy to be here'
d1t06 don't eat the yellow snow
d1t07 st. alphonzo's pancake breakfast
d1t08 father o'blivion
d1t09 'i think it fits...'
d1t10 inca roads
d1t11 'we have time for one more'
d1t12 king kong
d1t13 'band intro'
d1t14 bamboozled by love
d1t15 'we have a little bit more time now...'
d1t16 willie the pimp
d1t17 'we do have enought time for...'
d1t18 cosmik debris

a good show - good sound - good crowd

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