Hey everybody!
After a very fun week of taping the last 2 Rush shows I make it home to find out that some nutcase decides to go into a church and kills 2 people to put a damper on my good mood. After returning back to work and getting "back into the groove" of the regular routine I had decided to go and see Zappa Plays Zappa show in town even though I could not afford it. Of course I decide to leave right when a torrential downpour hits the Knoxville area! I manage to make it downtown in spite of the elements and is forced to pay for parking as it was too far away to walk in the rain for very long. I tried to get a ticket off the street for chea but had no luck so I thought I would see what kind of ticket I could get from the box office 20 minutes before the show. There was some good seats on the floor but I asked what seats was in the balcony and "Lady Luck" would smile on me as I was able to pull a front row seat slightly off center in the middle section! Needless to say the audio came out great and I'm sure you will enjoy listening to this show as much as I did taping it! Please take note that I included one song twice (King Kong Part 1) as the flow of the main set would not allow a good place to split it between 2 80 minute CDRs so I give you an "option" how to burn to CDR or the option to "delete" it if you want the show to be seamless.


Zappa Plays Zappa 2008-07-28 Bijou Theater Knoxville TN
Sony ECM-717 > M-Audio 10db pad > ZOOM H2 > SDHC card > PC > WavePad > TLH > Flac

Please share only in the original flac format that it was uploaded in.

Taped by Jerry B. aka "The Govner"

The Players.....

Dweezil Zappa Guitar
Aaron Arntz Keyboards & Trumpet
Scheila Gonzalez Saxophone Flute Keyboards & Vocals
Pete Griffin Bass
Billy Hulting Marimba Mallets & Percussion
Jamie Kime Guitar
Joe Travers Drums & Vocals
Ray White Guitar and Vocals

Disc 1 72:04
01 Treacherous Cretins
02 City Of Tiny Lites
03 Ain't Got No Heart
04 I'm Not Satisfied
05 Purple Lagoon
06 Peaches En Regalia
07 Inca Roads
08 Wind Up Working In A Gas Station
09 San Ber'dino
10 Flakes
11 Broken Hearts Are For Assholes
12 Bamboozled By Love
13 King Kong (Part 1)

Disc 2 71:05 or 76:36*
00 King Kong (Part 1)*
01 King Kong (Part 2)
02 Joe's Garage
03 Fembot In A Wet T-Shirt
04 Outside Now
05 He Used To Cut The Grass
06 Packard Goose

Disc 3 26:39
01 G-Spot Tornado
02 I'm The Slime
03 Cosmik Debris

Total Time 169:49 or 175:20*
* optional

Taper's note: I did Disc 2 Track00 King Kong (Part 1) seperately from the rest of the files when I converted them from .wav to .flac (even though it is the same wave file I made Disc 1 Track13 from) as I did not want to make an error when I encoded the files (one disc at a time) as it would have caused problems with the files and I wanted to allow people who burn to cd to choose if they wanted to hear "King Kong" without a break in the performance as there was not a break in the main set until 72 minutes with a "natural" quiet spot in King Kong (which is 29:18 minutes long!) and there was no real logical way of splitting the show between 3 discs due to the flow of the show since the main set was 143:09 in length. To listen to the show in this matter just delete Track00 King Kong (Part 1) and the main set will be seamless! There is also no lost time between Disc 2 and Disc 3 as the whole show is from one wave file.