Zappa Plays Zappa
Well's Fargo Center For The Arts
March 7, 2009

Sony pc-62 stereo minimic.->Marantz PMD620 (16/44.1 wav)->PC->
levels adjusted with Cooledit2000. Tracked with CD Wave->
Flac Frontend->flac 8
recording location: row Q (17th row) center

disc 1
01. Cletus Awreetus Awrightus ->
02. Inca Roads
03. Village Of The Sun ->
04. Echidna's Arf (of You) ->
05. Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?
06. Billy The Mountain

disc 2
07. Flakes ->
08. Broken Hearts Are For Assholes ->
09. Bamboozled By Love ->
10. King Kong -> Band Solos (including Scott Thunes bass solo) ->
11. Willie The Pimp (Scott Thunes On bass) ->
12. Drum solo
13. Lumpy Gravy ->
14. G-Spot Tornado

disc 3
15. Why Don'tcha Do Me Right ->
16. Penguin In Bondage ->
17. Outside Now
18. Peaches En Regalia ->
19. Illinois Enema Bandit
20. The Torture Never Stops

Dweezil Zappa: Guitar, vocals
Aaron Arntz: Keyboards, Trumpet
Scheila Gonzalez: Saxophone, Flute, Keyboards, vocals
Pete Griffin: Bass, vocals
Billy Hulting: Percussion, vocals
Jamie Kime: Guitar, vocals
Joe Travers: Drums, vocals
Ray White: Lead Vocals

Scott Thunes: bass on track 11 (Willie The Pimp),
2nd bass solo on track 10

During the King Kong solos Dweezil brought out Scott Thunes. He did a bass solo, then Dweezil asked him "Scott, How would you like to play Willie the Pimp?". Scott nodded and signed the letter A with his hands as if to say "key of A, right?". Dweezil nodded and off they went into a rippin' version. Seemed very spontaneous.

Later in the show the band played a great version of Outside Now. Dweezil's solo had teases of Watermelons In The Easter Hay and at the end of the song it looked like Dweezil was wiping away some tears.

ZPZ 2009-3-7 t01.flac:5407fd3401f05987878400a6cb523e8a
ZPZ 2009-3-7 t02.flac:c54edc524deb6794d447611365ff84cc
ZPZ 2009-3-7 t03.flac:d13d1a61b88715aa4429f4993490244c
ZPZ 2009-3-7 t04.flac:c52a10f666d86826e1fc84edb11146b4
ZPZ 2009-3-7 t05.flac:0eea8b00a69041e4e868fcab027b6226
ZPZ 2009-3-7 t06.flac:4979c3f3f415eb6f3b62430e55654fa2
ZPZ 2009-3-7 t07.flac:a3492d286e3b48b8e921fc45fb30ae68
ZPZ 2009-3-7 t08.flac:67ce9ef170cd44165f96c90fc06e16b1
ZPZ 2009-3-7 t09.flac:8587b250afc9f958c7d19d8175a086f7
ZPZ 2009-3-7 t10.flac:3fdae73db9037c5490a93ebfc55c2c17
ZPZ 2009-3-7 t11.flac:4c1146e995d939fe563f31108df62566
ZPZ 2009-3-7 t12.flac:4eb8fdb125aa8af8acb9eadccecbd517
ZPZ 2009-3-7 t13.flac:d7899f233e94b0008dc20e560a40288e
ZPZ 2009-3-7 t14.flac:e606597afab90187c1a636f972bf9da4
ZPZ 2009-3-7 t15.flac:cb97d8aa3b8c7b075a87175267b8b4f3
ZPZ 2009-3-7 t16.flac:90716ab2fc0fc70d43cb9c4a1ccbb448
ZPZ 2009-3-7 t17.flac:66da5415516f168a446c37e0a8d2a76f
ZPZ 2009-3-7 t18.flac:54853300bcca17c2ad6e6f8367698b2a
ZPZ 2009-3-7 t19.flac:ccca2ef024c0a27d183f5d19fc2a9899
ZPZ 2009-3-7 t20.flac:2d1f00ae45c37e647dd3d6db95db11fc