<body text="#000000" bgcolor="#aaaaaa">Zappa Plays Zappa, 2009-04-08, Shibuya O-East Tokyo (EDIROL R-09 Master) <br>Venue:Shibuya O-East Tokyo Japan <br>Date: 2009/04/08 <br>Taper: Unknown <br>Source: Audience <br>Transfer: AIWA CM-P22> EDIROL R-09 >PC >CDR > FLAC> you <br>Sound Quality: A <br> <br>Dweezil Zappa (G, Vo) <br>Joe Travers (Drs , Vo) <br>Billy Hulting (Vib, Perc) <br>Scheila Gonzalez (Key, Sax , Vo) <br>Jamie Kime (G, Vo) <br>Pete Griffin (B, Vo) <br> <br> <br>1 Black Napkins <br>2 Magic Fingers <br>3 Tell Me You Love Me <br>4 Montana <br>5 Village Of The Sun <br>6 Echidna's Arf <br>7 Don't You Ever Wash That Thing? <br>8 Mammy Anthem <br>9 Dirty Love <br>10 Chunga's Revenge?Solo <br>11 Don't Eat the Yellow Snow <br>12 Nanook Rubs It <br>13 St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast <br>14 Father O'Blivion <br>15 Cosmik Debris <br>16 Pygmy Twylite <br>17 Peaches En Regalia <br>18 Willie The Pimp <br> <br> <br>DO NOT CONVERT THIS TO ANY OTHER LOSSY FORMAT <br>NOT FOR SELL!! <br> <br>