Zappa plays Zappa
May 22, 2009
concert "Handelsbeurs", Ghent, Belgium

audience recording
140 min
master clone

recorded on MiniDisc by UniMuta
- 10 m from the stage
- Sony MD Walkman MZ-R37, mono mode
- Sony ECM-T6 electret condenser clip microphone

MiniDisc -> SB Audigy 2 ZS -> HD
dBpowerAmp -> FLAC (lowest compression)
Traders Little Helper -> md5

20090522 concert 'handelsbeurs, ghent, belgium

* Dweezil Zappa: guitar, vocals
* Ben Thomas: vocals
* Joe Travers: drums
* Pete Griffin: bass
* Scheila Gonzales: horns, keyboards & vocals
* Billy Hulting: melodic percussion
* Jamie Kime: rhythm guitar

d1t01 band enters the stage - dweezil says 'hi'
d1t02 apostrophe
d1t03 'how many of you have already seen this band before?'
d1t04 montana
d1t05 magic fingers
d1t06 inca roads
d1t07 'speaking of difficult'
d1t08 the black page drum solo
d1t09 the black page
d1t10 cosmik debris
d1t11'seems like a nice mix..."
d1t12 the purple lagoon
d1t13 village of the sun
d1t14 echidna's arf (of you)
d1t15 don't you ever wash that thing?
d1t16 'how many of you have the Joe's Garage album in your collection?'
d1t17 lucille has messed my mind up
d1t18 outside now
d2t01 'wet t-shirt contest?'
d2t02 pound for a brown
d2t03 'about a monster of some sort'
d2t04 zomby woof
d2t05 peaches en regalia
d2t06 trouble every day
d2t07 token of my extreme outro


d2t08 intro
d2t09 bamboozled by love
d2t10 willie the pimp

the sound was way too loud and saturated.
my ears are still hurting.
and the saturated sound messed up the recording.
too bad.
as the show was quite good.

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