Zappa plays Zappa


LaFayette Square

Buffalo, NY

Source: CSB>BatBoxW/FilterOn>MT@16/44.1>.wav>AdobeAudition2.0>.wav>FFE>.flac

Recorded & Tranfered by sanpablobay

Setlist: (Incomplete)

01.Cosmik Debris
02.Inca Roads
03.Outside Now
04.Bamboozled By Love
05.A Pound For A Brown W/Improv Jams & solos
06.Don't Eat The Yellow Snow
07.St. Alfonzo'z Pancake Breakfast
08.Father Oblivion
09.Drum Solo
10.Zomby Woof


12.I'm The Slime
13.Willie The Pimp

Notes: My recording is incomplete. It's missing about the first 30 minutes. Usually the
headliners for these Thursday shows don't start until 8pm. but, when i arrived at about
7:20 ZPZ was already on. by the time i got set up & into a decent position it was about
7:30. I got the last 90 some minutes that they played. hopefully another recording of the
full show appears.

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*Do Not Remaster*
*Do Not Distribute In Lossy Formats*