Zappa Plays Zappa
House of Blues
Cleveland, Ohio
July 3, 2009

Recorded by Warciple
Source: Zoom H2 (SD flash card)
Location: Balcony, dead center
Transfer: SD flash card> USB > Nero Wave Editor > CD Wave Editor (tracking) >
Flac-8 > Your Mind Blown

Contains full concert, soundcheck, and image files in separate folders.

01 Intro / Crowd
02 I'm the Slime
03 Montana
04 Wind Up Workin' in a Gas Station
05 Village of the Sun
06 Instrumental
07 Instrumental
08 Instrumental
09 Black Page No. 1
10 Black Page (Melody)
11 Inca Roads
12 Pygmy Twilight
13 Bamboozled by Love
14 Instrumental
15 Instrumental
16 Instr / Drum Solo
17 Lucille
18 Outside Now
19 Titties 'n Beer (Fragment)
20 Cosmik Debris
21 Peaches en Regalia
22 Trouble Every Day
23 Encore applause
24 Zombie Woof
25 Don't Eat the Yellow Snow
26 Willie the Pimp
27 Outro / Crowd

Sorry, but taper either not familiar with (or cannot recall) names of several instrumental pieces / extended jams (tracks 6-8, 14-16). The band only played the fragment of "Titties 'n Beer" with the Devil vs. Motorcycle Man argument.

ZPZ soundcheck (same date, venue, source)

01 guitar
02 guitar
03 guitar
04 guitar
05 instrumental
06 Wind Up Workin' in a Gas Station
07 Discussion
08 San Ber'dino
09 San Ber'dino II
10 San Ber'dino III
11 Trouble Every Day
12 Pygmy Twilight
13 Discussion
14 Penguin in Bondage
15 Inca Roads (jam)
16 St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast
17 guitar
18 guitar
19 guitar
20 guitar

The soundcheck "party" features over an hour of run-throughs and rehearsals of several tunes, some of which were not featured in the evening's set list (Penguin, San'Berdino, St. Alphonzo). The latter tracks feature only Dweezle noodling on guitar, as the rest of the band was finished and he wanted more practice for himself. The house PAs were not used at this time, so several of these minutes required volume adjustment (+10) in Nero Wave Edit.

Do not buy or sell this recording. Do not convert to lossy.