Dweezil Zappa Plays Zappa
The Showroom, Turning Stone Casino,
Verona, NY
June 28th, 2010 all

Disc1: 72:19
01. Intro
02. Easy Meat
03. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy->
04. What Kind Of A Girl Do You Think We Are?
05. Lonely Little Girl->
06. City Of Tiny Lights
07. Don't Eat The Yellow Snow->
08. Purple Lagoon->
09. Inca Roads
10. Blessed Relief
11. Mystery Roach
12. Advance Romance
Disc2: 75:10
01. Big Swifty
02. The Blue Light
03. Pick Me I'm Clean
04. The Little House I Used To Live In->
05. Latex Solar Beef->
06. Willie The Pimp->
07. Drums->
08. Apostrophe
09. Wild Love->
10. Yo' Mama
11. encore break
12. (E) Keep It Greasey

Band: Dweezil Zappa: Guitar & Vocals
Scheila Gonzalez: Saxophone, Flute, Keyboards & Vocals
Pete Griffin: Bass & Vocals
Billy Hulting: Marimba, Mallets & Percussion
Jamie Kime: Guitar & Vocals
Chris Norton: Keyboards, Violin & Vocals
Joe Travers: Drums & Vocals
Ben Thomas: Vocals, percussion and trumpet

Location: Front of Kings Table a couple tables L.O.C, mics on table top/towel

Mic config: Neumann ORTF bar on Windtech clamp (horizontal), no screens

Source: 2 Neumann SKM 140ís(AK40 caps/LC3 actives/KM100)>GAKables xlr>(line in/48v phantom)Sound Devices 722 @96kHz/24bit

Transfer: Sound Devices 722 master file @96kHz/24bit>firewire>Sound Forge 9.0e>44.1/16-CD Wave v1.96.1(tracking)>Tag Scanner 5.0>FLAC16/fingerprint via FLAC frontend 1.7.1(level 8)/MD5 TLH

Notes:~ S.F. 9.0(merge files, paragraphic EQ -80Hz filter, normalize each chan. to -.16db because of low master levels, fade outs, resample(high setting 4) w/anti alias filter & dither-high pass triangular/noise shaping-high pass contour to 44.1/16) ~
~ Editing performed in 96k/24bit realm ~
~ Discs 1 & 2 are seamless ~

~ Recording, transfer, editing & upload by Sunboy ~