Zappa plays Zappa

The Rapids Theatre
Niagara Falls NY

June 29, 2010

Master Audience Zoom H2 recording by ZZZ

concerts1 notes: Hats off to ZZZ for getting my guitar signed by Dweezil :>)
Another fine Zoom recording by ZZZ
Lineage: Zoom H2 recorder > Harman Kardon burner tracks > flac level 8 TLH > checksum TLH > torrent TLH > You

unicrayon's lineage: flac > Editing > flac (lvl8 w SBE correction)


Length: 140.33

01 Intro
02 Purple Lagoon >
03 Florentine Pogen >
04 Echidna's Arf (Of You)
05 Intro to Daddy, Daddy, Daddy
06 Daddy, Daddy, Daddy >
07 What Kind Of Girl? q: Bwana Dik
08 Easy Meat
09 Intro To Blessed Relief
10 Blessed Relief
11 Intro To Little House
12 The Little House I Used To Live In >
13 Latex Solar Beef >
14 Willie The Pimp, Pt 1 >
15 Drum Solo >
16 Apostrophe (Cuts out on last note)
17 Intro To The Blue Light (Cuts back in during applause)
18 The Blue Light
19 Intro To Pick Me I'm Clean
20 Pick Me I'm Clean
21 Intro To Peaches En Regalia
22 Peaches En Regalia >
23 Advance Romance
24 Intro To Big Swifty
25 Big Swifty
26 City Of Tiny Lites (Cuts out in applause)
27 Cosmik Debris (Cuts back in at the count)
28 Encore Applause/Intro To Mystery Roach
29 Mystery Roach >
30 Keep It Greasey
31 I'm The Slime

ZZZ, concerts1 & unicrayon

Seeded at Dime 2010 07 02

unicrayon's fix notes:
Faded in the Intro Applause.
Split Purple Lagoon & Florentine into 2 tracks.
Split the beginning of Echidna off the end of Florentine.
Split Deweezil's intro to Daddy off of Daddy off DDD
There's a quote of Bwana Dik at the end of What Kind of Girl
Joined Easy Meat back together.
Removed the glitch & gap from between Blessed Relief & Little House
Little House segued into Latex Solar Beef around 5.20 and ends 10 seconds into the next track. All fixed.
Latex Solar Beef>Apostrophe is the Fillmore 71 version of Willie The Pimp, Part One > Drum Solo > Apostrophe
There's a gap between Apostrophe and Blue Light the last note of Apostrophe is MIA. Cold start to Intro To Blue Light.
Split Peaches & Advance Romance into two tracks.
Rejoined Big Swifty, it was running across 3 tracks removed the mystery gap and digital glitch after the first section.
Removed the gap and digital glitch between Tiny Lites and Cosmik Debris. Then discovered the recording had been paused and there was applause missing, so there's an abrupt end to the applause and a cold start to Cosmik Debris.
Made a track out of the Encore applause.
Took the start of Keep It Greasey from the end of Mystery Roach.
Faded out the outro applause.

Slowly I turn...