Zappa Plays Zappa
Humphrey's on the Bay
San diego, CA 9-19-11
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Source info:
Sennheiser MKH-8050's-Oade T. Mod Marantz PMD-661
Mic's ran in hat. Our original seats were 5th row which was a bit to close so we switched seats with some people and took there 13th row seats. Crowd was somewhat eruptive at times. Overal they were realtively quiet during peak passages in the songs and at the end of songs load clapping could be heard. To minimize this i faded in and out of each song.
Enjoy, the recording actually sounds better than it did there if you can believe it.

ZPZ-Humphreys, SD, CA 9-19-11-01.flac:fd28bef6e9ff6248c086877da6f55346
ZPZ-Humphreys, SD, CA 9-19-11-02.flac:b456dad44e4b2ac8f0d30ae6624613b1
ZPZ-Humphreys, SD, CA 9-19-11-03.flac:448f2eb638b979f275d854d4807ddcd6
ZPZ-Humphreys, SD, CA 9-19-11-04.flac:e0a5b305738f2d76aef2163f8a6c6372
ZPZ-Humphreys, SD, CA 9-19-11-05.flac:981177b26173a677143878d677dfdea2