Zappa Plays Zappa at The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, England 23 November 2011 (Rec:KF Second Source)

Contrast clause - A different recording (Ob) from this show can be found here:

Linage: Cardiod Mics>HIMD>Wavelab(edits, joins, EQ matching)>Audacity(track split and FLAC conversion)*

Recorded from the second row, left hand side.

Another great ZPZ show in Manchester. A lovely venue that it is, the Bridgewater Hall is not kind to loud snare drums so most of what you hear is from the drum set bouncing around the venue rather than the PA. However my mics were pointed at the left stack which picked up the amplified instruments quite nicely.

*The recording stopped a minute or so before the end of the last song (hey, it could have been a lot worse), so I have patched this with a bit from Ob's recording (basically from the last round of band introductions), so thanks to him for that.

Guthrie Govan was guesting (track 14). He will be playing with Bryan Beller and Marco Minnemann as The Aristocratics in Manchester next year (March I think).

01 Heavy Duty Judy 4:47
02 Dont Eat the Yellow Snow 2:12
03 Nanook Rubs It 4:41
04 St Alphonzos Pancake Breakfast 1:54
05 Father O'Blivion 2:27 1
06 Cosmik Debris 8:34
07 Excentrifugal Forz 1:40
08 Apostrophe 5:51
09 Uncle Remus 3:13
10 Stinkfoot 9:36
11 City of Tiny Lites 12:22
12 Whats the Ugliest Part of your Body 1:14
13 Chungas Revenge 14:17
14 Guthrie Govan 9:01
15 Joe Travers Solo 3:02
16 Inca Roads 11:31
17 Pojama People 7:28
18 Honey Dont you Want a Man Like Me 5:05
19 Fifty Fifty (Voc:Pete Jones) 7:44
20 Rollo 6:16
21 Dancin Fool 6:44
22 Baby Snakes 1:59
23 Muffin Man* 7:51

November 2011