Zappa Plays Zappa

The Lincoln Theatre
Raleigh, NC

Church Audio CAFS omnis > CA-9100 > iRiver H320/Rockbox @ 16/44.1
> Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 2013 (EQ, track splitting) > Traders' Little Helper (16 bit FLACs, FLAC fingerprints & md5)

Taped, transferred and seeded by Rumbleseat

Microphones mounted on glasses
standing, center, 20' from stage.

Dweezil Zappa - Guitar
Scheila Gonzalez - Saxophone, Flute, Keyboards & Vocals
Kurt Morgan - Bass
Ben Thomas - Vocals, Trumpet
Chris Norton - Keyboard, Violin
Joe Travers - Drums & Vocals
Pete Jones - "David Lee Sloth", Captain Beefheart

Set List:

01 intro
02 The Gumbo Variations
03 Hungry Freaks, Daddy
04 Oh No
05 Montana
06 Let's Make The Water Turn Black
07 Dirty Love
08 Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
09 Po-Jama People
10 Apostrophe
11 Drum Solo - Black Page drum solo
12 The Black Page #2
13 Eddie Van Halen story
14 Eruption (Eddie Van Halen guitar solo cover)
15 Somebody Get Me A Doctor (Van Halen cover)
16 Boodledang (Dweezil Zappa original)
17 You Didn't Try To Call Me
18 City of Tiny Lites
19 The Orange County Lumber Truck
20 More Trouble Every Day
21 I'm The Slime


22 Camarillo Brillo
23 Debra Kadabra
24 Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy
25 Whipping Post (Allman Brothers cover)

All songs were originally written and performed by The Mothers of Invention and/or Frank Zappa unless otherwise noted. Apologies in advance for any errors.

running time: 2:43:02