Zappa Plays Zappa The Floral Pavilion, New Brighton, Liverpool
17 November 2012

Korg SOS (integrated mics)>SD card>Audacity>FLAC

I have recored a few shows in my time but I think this is by the best capture so far. I was sat in a sweet spot 3 rows from the font slightly to the left of centre. The audience were pretty vocal but luckily those near to me were nice and quiet. There was some fun when a large gentleman exberence (probably artificially aided) got too much for everyone. This is documented in the (non) track 'Satch Disruption'.

1. Treacherous Cretins
2. Hungry Freaks, Daddy
3. Teenage Prostitute
4. Echidna's Arf
5. Penguin in Bondage
6. Pygmy Twylyte
7. The Idiot Bastard Son
8. I'm So Cute
9. Baby Snakes
10. Tryin' to Grow a Chin
11. Harder Than Your Husband
12. Wind Up Workin' in a Gas Station
13. Ride My Face to Chicago
14. Motherly Love
15. Oh No
16. Let's Make the Water Turn Black
17. Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
18. Outside Now
19. Debra Kadabra
20. Who Are The Brain Police?
21. Satch Disruption
22. Sofa
23. Packard Goose
24. Encore Break
25. Peaches En Regalia
26. Zomby Woof
27. Strictly Genteel

Great night
KF November 2012