Jacka's Birthday
12th December 1982
Middlesbrough Town Hall
Middlesbrough UK
Sleepless Nights Tour
Radio Tees Broadcast
Quality B
Wacky Jacky Refix
Artwork Included.

Lineage TradeCDR>EAC>Audacity>Dime

Alan Hull
Ray Jackson
Si Cowe
Rod Clements
Ray Laidlaw

Disc One
1. Intro
2. Start Again
3. Love Is A Pain
4. Only Alone
5. Bye Bye Birdie
6. Lady Eleanor
7. Nights
8. Make Me Want To Stay
9. Never Miss The Water
10. Warm Feeling
11. Same Way Down
12. Cruising To Disaster
13. Marshal Riley's Army

Disc Two
1. Jacka's Story
2. Stormy Weather
3. Meet Me On The Corner
4. Run For Home
5. Fog On The Tyne
6. We Can Swing Together
7. Clear White Light

Wacky Jacky's Notes.....

Did a pitch correction,raised the volume,cut out a bit of treble as it was very hissy. More so over the announcements. It's still quite hissy but more noticeable on the quiter songs. Removed a few of pops and clicks, raised the right channel a tad to match the left,cut out some between song dead air,joined a track,and crossfaded over a few tape flips.Did a couple of fades
and then checked SBE's with Trader's Little Helper Had to cut out a minute of Jacka's story,due to digital scrtaching. Left in Radio Tees' Roger Lewis hilarious intro.
He goes through the full Partridge,including describing Jacka as Ray "Jacko" Jackson. Well i suppose he got half the name right. As Roger says at the end of the nights show.....Have a smashing Christmas.