Zappa Plays Zappa
Track 29
Chattanooga, TN

One Set

01- Crowd/Banter
02- Zombie Woof (Power Outage)
03- Drum Solo
04- Zombie Woof (Continued)
05- Tuning Improvisation >
06- Hungry Creeps Daddy
07- Sheila's 80'S Dance/Dancin' With Myself Tease
08- Teenage Prostitute
09- Dirty Love
10- Echidna's Arf (Of You)
11- Penguin In Bondage >
12- Pygmy Twylyte
13- I'm So Cute >
14- Baby Snakes
15- Tryin' To Grow A Chin
16- Here Lies Love
17- Montana >
18- Let's Make The Water Turn Black
19- Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
20- Harder Than Your Husband >
21- Wind Up Working In A Gas Station >
22- Ride My Face To Chicago
23- Moggio
24- The Evil Prince
25- Debra Kadabra (W/ Pete Jones On Vocals)
27- Outside Now
28- Packard Goose
29- Crowd/Bring Up The Dancers
30- Warm Up For The Dancers...>
31- Cosmic Debris
32- Muffin Man
33- Strictly Genteel

Notes: Power Outage Due To Blown Transformer Outside The Venue. There Was A 10 Minute Delay, And I Began Recording Again Just Before Joe's Brief Drum Solo. Thanks To Chad For Help With Recording The Show And For Loving Sheila.

Source: M-Audio Stereo Omni>Microtrackii(16/44.1) Fob By John M
Transfer: Microtrackii>Cdwave>Tlh(Flac) By John M