Zappa Plays Zappa
The Canyon Club,
Agoura Hills, CA
February 7, 2014
"Roxy and Elsewhere" 40th Anniversary Show

Source info:
AT853 sub-cards>Naiant Tinybox>Sony PCM-M10(24/96)>Adobe Audition CS6(normalize, resample/dither to 16/44.1)>CDWaveEditor 1.96>TLH>Flac

Taper: David Sell
Location: 60' from stage, slightly left of DFC
Sound Quality: Excellent++


01. The Torture Never Stops
02. Dweezil's intro to "Roxy and Elsewhere"
03. Penguin in Bondage
04. Pygmy Twylyte
05. Dummy up
06. Village of the Sun
07. Echidna's Arf (of You)
08. Don't You Ever Wash That Thing
09. Cheepnis
10. Son of Orange County
11. More Trouble Every Day
12. Be-Bop Tango
13. ??
14. ??
15. The Black Page # 1 (drum solo)
16. The Black Page # 2
17. ??
18. What's New in Baltimore
19. Zombie Woof*
20. ~encore applause~
21. Cosmik Debris
22. Muffin Man


I am offically ashamed to admit I am seeing this amazing band for the first time, that will not happen again. This was one of the best shows I have ever experienced and I've seen a lot! We had the perfect location, very respectful crowd around us, zero annoyances, great mix and of course the music of Frank Zappa!! This recording is one of the best I've pulled from the Canyon Club as well, crank it up!!


Dweezil Zappa - guitar, vocals
Scheila Gonzalez - saxophone, flute, keyboards & vocals
Ben Thomas - vocals, trumpet, trombone, percussion
Chris Norton - keyboards, vocals
Kurt Morgan - bass
Ryan Brown - drums
James Gonzales - guitar*

As always, NEVER for sale, trade freely, and always support the artists' commercial endeavors.



P.S. I could be off on some of the track names. Any help would be appreciated.