Zappa Plays Zappa
SLO Brewing Company
San Luis Obispo, CA

August 8, 2014

Recorded by Whiskeyrecordings [Duane K.]

Source: Zoom H1 [16/44.1] > CD Trade

Transfer Lineage:
CD-R > Wav [Soundforge 9.0 for editing & tracking] > EAC > TLH (sector boundary aligned) Level 8 Flac > Dime 8/12/14

Balanced and Tracked by George [Upload 267]


Here's something for all you Zappa fans.

Dweezil continues to keep his father's music alive on a continued tour that is nothing short of stellar.

Thanks goes out to Duane for taping and sending me his recording to share with you all on Dime.

Duane was able to snag the poster hanging in the display case after the show.

I've included photos of the poster and tickets.

I believe i have all the band members listed correctly.

Dweezil Zappa - Lead Guitar - Vocals
Scheila Gonzalez - Saxophone - Keyboards - Vocals
Ryan Brown - Drums - Percussion - Vocals
Ben Thomas - Lead Vocals - Trumpet - Trombone - Rhythm Guitar
Chris Norton - Keyboards - Vocals
Kurt Morgan - Bass - Vocals

I tracked the show as well as i could, some songs segue right into the next.

The quality is quite good and very enjoyable.

Samples Provided.

01. Zomby Woof
02. Son of Suzy Creamcheese
03. Call Any Vegetable
04. Tell Me You Love Me
05. Who Needs the Peace Corps?
06. Mother People
07. Eat That Question
09. Montana
10. Camarillo Brillo
11. Apostrophe
12. City of Tiny Lights
13. Florentine Pogen
14. Cosmik Debris
15. Dinah-Moe Humm
16. Muffin Man

Total Time = 125:54 min




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