Zappa Plays Zappa
Rialto Theatre
Tucson, AZ
April 26, 2015

Source: Sonic Studio DSM-6S Mics>Sonic Studios PA-6LC2 LoCut>Edirol RO9 @24bit/44.1 khz

01) Inca Roads (10:56)
02) Can't Afford No Shoes (2:47)
03) Sofa No. 1 (2:47)
04) Pojama People (7:37)
05) Florentine Pogan (10:19)
06) Evelyn, A Modified Dog (1:09)
07) San Ber'dino (6:01)
08) Andy (6:59)
09) Sofa No. 2 (3:18)
10) Status Back Baby (3:07)
11) Big Legged Emma (2:01)
12) The Grand Wazoo (18:38)
13) ".38 Special, etc banter" (5:44)
14) Montana (10:06)
15) Baby Snakes (1:56)
16) I'm So Cute (3:09)
17) Society Pages (5:15)
18) Magic Fingers (1:05)
19) Son of Suzy Cream Cheese (1:33)
20) Who Needs the Peace Corps? (2:38)
21) What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body? (1:07)
22) My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama (3:51)
23) Sinister Footware (11:48)
24) Zombie Wolf (7:18)
25) Cosmik Debris (8:00)
26) Dancin' Fool (5:32)
27) Muffin Man (8:54)
Total (154:33)

Dweezil Zappa - Guitar
Scheila Gonzalez - Saxophone, Flute, Keyboards, Vocals
Ben Thomas - Vocals, Reeds, Percussion
Chris Norton - Keyboards, Vocals
Kurt Morgan - Bass, Vocals
Ryan Brown - Drums, Vocals

Lineage: Edirol RO9 USB out>Lenovo H430 C15 HD>AUDACITY to 16bit/44.1 khz>TLH>FLAC

-another fun ZPZ show - the first 9 tunes are the full "One Size Fits All" album celebrating its 40th anniversary - great "Florentine Pogan". Rest of
the show is quite a mix: some real old ones, a couple long intricate instrumentals ("Grand Wazoo" & "Sinister Footware"). "Montana" smokes and I think
that's where Dweezil got most original with his lead and made the song his own in a good way. Lots of shorter, goofy songs are fun, but not really
the killer. Overall, a good show but not my favorite ZPZ one I've seen or heard.
-that being said, I've never seen Dweezil more relaxed/at ease w/ZPZ - he seemed to be having some loose fun and was not quite as uptight/disciplined as
usual. The band seemed to sense this and fed off it - lots of banter between tunes/goofing around. Was good to see it. If what they were playing on the PA
before the show was his latest music, I'm glad he does ZPZ because otherwise I wouldn't be listening to his talent, becuase it was friggin' horrible imo.
Band was just killer including new drummer & Sheila took some incredible sax solos. Vocals were phenomenal all around.
-I was in a sweet spot: about 20' back dead center on floor with mics 5.5' high. Crowd around me was pretty respectful so no obnoxious ones screwing any
parts up. Sounds real good: "A-" for sure.
-another Sonoran Desert Recording recorded, mastered and seeded by Matt23. Do not sell ever for any reason, but share freely in lossless formats only:
keep the gene pool clean!