Q&A 1 Friday 5th - Frank as Composer
Gail Zappa
Ali N Askin
Todd Yvega
Frank Filipetti

Q&A 3 Sunday 7th - Frank as Film Maker
Gail Zappa
Thorsten Schütte

I'm afraid the Saturday Q&A has disappeared into the ether, but hopefully these two will keep the tit-bit-pickers happy.

Sorry about the sound quality - I should have asked them to speak up.



ZPZ Soundcheck (Part) 2010 11 06 Roundhouse London UK Aud (Ob) 52.47 Minutes

The whole band were on stage checking levels, a few new songs and getting the video sync practiced.

Dweezil Zappa - guitar
Scheila Gonzalez - saxophone, flute, keyboards and vocals
Pete Griffin - bass
Billy Hulting - marimba, mallets and percussions
Jamie Kime - guitar
Joe Travers - drums, and vocals
Ben Thomas - lead vocals, trumpet
Chris Norton - keyboard, violin

Scott Thunes - Bass
Moon - Vocals

01 Dweezil explains it 1.20
02 Valley Girl Whole 4.41
03 Valley Girl - 3 Parts 5.38
04 Joe soundchecks 3.17
05 Gumbo Variations 4.47
06 Dweezil explains it 02 0.56
07 Gumbo Variations - 2 Parts 1.55
08 Dweezil mumbles it 0.56
09 Cruising for Burgers 4.06
10 For those about to Frank 8.33
11 Dumb All Over feat Frank 5.58
12 I Might be Mumbling Montana Soon 1.25
13 Montana feat Frank 6.52
14 Segue rehearsal Montana to Pick me Im Clean 2.22

Recorded on Tascam DR-08 at the back of the Roundhouse. 24/44.1KHz WAV. Tracked and Flac'd in Reaper, dithering to 16 bits. A big round empty hall is great for reverb.....and little else. compare the difference between this echo swamp and the final concert 3 hours later - well done Glynn the Soundman.

Look out for all the other shows, sound check, Q&As and random stuff from the weekend.