Zappa Plays Zappa
Beacon Theatre
New York, NY
June 12, 2006

A show that far exceeded my expectations. Probably the best "musical" show I've seen within
the past 10 years. This recording conforms to my high standards of quality and is a must have for
those who love the music of Frank Zappa.

Recorded from the 11th row, right of center, but centered to right side stack of speakers

Recorded, Extracted and Edited by TaperAdvocat, uploaded to the Dime on June 16, 2006.

Source Info: Schoeps CCM4's > SD744T > firewire to hard drive of dedicated music only
computer > Bit Conversion and re-sampled with Sound Forge 7.0 > indexed in Sound Forge 4.5
> CD set up with CD Architect 4.5 > CD burned with CD Architect 5.0 onto Mitsui Gold CD >
Extracted to Internet Capable Computer with EAC > FLAC

Note at approx 53 minutes into 2nd Set, I inadvertently hit a button that cut out one mic.
However, because I was seated directly in front of the speakers (and not getting a true stereo mix
anyway) you will not notice much of a difference in sound, but I nonetheless feel that you all
should know that everything after minute 53 (approx. the last hour of the show) is actually a two
channel mono recording.

I've also included some cell phone photo's of the show and my cheap shot at artwork. Obviously
my talents lie in the recording and not the art.

Hope you all enjoy this recording as much as I do. Please let me know what you think. And
most importantly, share it freely with your loved ones and friends.

May those who try to sell or otherwise profit from my recording be cursed with all the bad karma
that you justly deserve. This means you Middle Valley, VGP & all you other scum sucking
bootleggers who profit from my recordings. We will find you and we will put you out of


Set list:

Note I do not claim to be an expert on Zappa song titles, nor where song breaks occur mid-song,
but I have done my best from an accumulation of set lists provided for other ZPZ shows. Polite
corrections to this set list are most appreciated.

CD 1
-Set 1
Imaginary Diseases >
Hungry Freaks Daddy>
Let's Make the Water Turn Black
Florentine Pogan
Pygmy Twylite>
Idiot Bastard Son > Cheepnis(?)
King Kong (w/ audience participation)
Yellow Snow > St. Alphonso's
Inca Roads

-Set 2
Tryin' to Grow a Chin *
City of Tiny Lights * >
Punky's Whips *
The Black Page #1 * >
The Black Page #2 *#
Peaches en Regalia # > Montana #

-Set 2, Continued
Zomby Woof #
Chunga's Revenge (Dweezil Jams w/ Frank on Video)
Oh, No! > Son of Orange County > More Trouble Every Day > Band Intro's
Sofa #2

Dweezil Zappa - Guitar
Napoleon Murphy Brock - Flute, Alto Saxophone & Vocals
Pete Griffin - Bass
Jamie Kime - Guitar
Joe Travers - Drums & Vocals
Aaron Arntz - Keyboards, Trumpet & Vocals
Sheila Gonzales - Keyboards, Saxophone, Flute & Vocals
Billy Hulting - Percussion & Marimba

Special Guests During Set II Only:
* = w/ Terry Bozzio
*# = w/ Terry and Steve Vai
# = w/ Steve Vai