Zappa Unlocked: The Mars/Barrow Connection
Arthur Barrow, Tommy Mars & Dr. K's Rockin' College Combo
Live @ Voertman Hall, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas April 16, 2012

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Background Information:
This is the audio portion of a concert that Arthur Barrow and Tommy Mars took part in at Arthur's alma mater:
The University of North Texas College of Music in Denton, Texas. The free performance was part of a residency
in which Arthur and Tommy met with and talked to about 60 students who are enrolled in the 'Music of Frank
Zappa' class taught by Dr. Joseph Klein. The students learned first hand from Barrow and Mars what it was like
to play in Frank Zappa's band. For more info go here:

From robsam:
I found out about this show and the online download files from an email that I got from the infamous
Tom 'God Damn' Brown. Thanks to Tom Brown for yet another heads up about a cool Zappa type event!
There's a thread in the Speaker's Corner forum that Drew51 started about this show:

On that thread, I posted the url for the assorted aiff audio files and high quality mp4 & m4v video files.
Unfortunately the url isn't available anymore, but no problem because I got the amazing quality soundboard
audio file and the two video files. So I hereby present the audio portion of this great show for your listening
pleasure. The music is awesome especially Arthur's arrangement of Frank's song, Thirteen. As for the video
files, I'm not really sure if a DVD authored from an mp4 file is allowed on Zappateers. I really hope so, but in
any event I'll be getting a DVD of this show and if it's OK to share on here I will upload it once it's completed.

I sent an email to Arthur Barrow a few days ago asking him if it would be OK with him to share this show on
Zappateers and also if he happened to have any more information about the concert. In particular, I wanted to
know the names of all the musicians in Dr. K's Rockin' College Combo. I've met Arthur a couple of times, but it's
been at least 10 years since the last time I saw him when got the chance to visit him in his studio in Venice, CA
along with Tom Brown and Mike Keneally. Well, not only did Arthur remember me, but he also emailed me scans
of the concert program which I have included them in the 'extras' folder in this torrent. I have also included a
snapshot/capture of the video file and a nice publicity photo of Tommy & Arthur for your viewing pleasure.

Arthur wrote this in his email to me:
"The Texas thing was a lot of fun - so glad you enjoyed it. We have no plans to release it, so do what you want."

Thanks Artie! Thanks Tommy! Thanks Frankie! "Music is the BEST!"

Zappa Unlocked: The Mars/Barrow Connection:
Arthur Barrow - Bass & Vocals
Tommy Mars - Keyboards & Vocals

Dr. K's Rockin' College Combo:
Tom Coppin - Guitar
Nathan Garrison - Guitar
Brice Haweisen - Guitar
Jordan Tucker - Flute & Alto Saxophone
Georgeanne Travis - Tenor Saxophone
Daniel Najera - Trumpet
Hayden Mapel - Trombone
Katherine Jahangiri - Violin
Will King - Violin
Alex Browne - Bass
Matt Young - Drums
Mason Lynass - Timpani
Nick Rothouse - Percussion
Robert Chapman - Percussion
Chelsey Schriner - Percussion & Vocals
Jimin Lee - Vocals
Darian Gore - Vocals
Amy Golden - Vocals
Nika Potts - Vocals
Ryan Pivovar - Vocals
Tyler Doyle - Vocals
Steven Sellars - Stunt Vocals
Greg Dixon - Audio Wizardry

01 - Introduction by Dr. Joseph Klein
02 - Chunga's Revenge
03 - King Kong
04 - Sy Borg
05 - Thirteen
06 - Yo Cats
07 - Resurrection No. 9
08 - Pound For A Brown
09 - Cosmik Debris
10 - The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
11 - Sofa
12 - Peaches en Regalia
13 - Rollo

(According to the concert program, Resurrection No. 9 is a group improvisation directed by Tommy Mars)