NOT A Robert Collins Master Recording.

Artist / Title: The Zawinul Syndicate
Date July 8, 1988
Location: Hollywood Palace, Hollywood, California
Seats: Unknown
Deck: Sony TC-D5
Mics: Sennheiser MKE-2002 (Binaural)
Source: A:C Master Tape, 2-Mic Stereo
Sample Rate 44.1Khz, 16-bit (CD) (FLAC)
Rating: B+
Length: 117 Minutes

Also Available:
* DVD-Audio, 96 Khz, 24-bit version of this show is also available.


Josef Zawinul Keyboards
Scott H. Guitar
Gerald Veasley Bass Guitar
Cornell Rochester Drums
Munyongo Jackson Percussion
Robert Thomas Jr. Percussion, Vocals


About this recording:
This isn't one of my own recordings, but from one of my close friends. This
recording comes directly from the master tape. The master tape is marked
July 8, 1988, however I question if this is the correct date. The Los Angeles
Times reviewed this concert on July 1, 1988. So that leaves the possibility
that the date on the cassette tape is incorrect, or Zawinul Syndicate booked a
second date a week later at the same venue.

As can sometimes happen, I'm not familiar with all of the song titles, or some
of the titles are unreleased. I did my best to figure out all of the names,
and for those still unknown, I gave them my own titles. Feel free to make
corrections as necessary.

Los Angeles Times Review, July 1, 1988: Leanard Feather

Weather Report Memorial Concert Series
This has been long overdue, and will still take a while to complete.
I wanted to release all of my Weather Report, Wayne Shorter, and Jaco
Pastorius recordings as part of a "Memorial" to Weather Report and its
members. Some of these recordings were given to friends many years ago, but
most have never had a proper mastering or released. So to most people, I
think these will be completely new recordings. And when you see how many of
them and how good the recording quality and show quality is, then you'll
probably ask: WTF...why haven't these ever been released? Answer is
simple: time. I knew releasing this many previously unreleased recordings
was going to take a lot of time.

Some people may have copies of these one or more generations down from the
master. All of these will be coming to you directly from the master

Here's what to expect in the series, and in the order to be released:

Date Artist Venue Recording Show Release status
1980-02-29 Weather Report Perkins Palace, Pasadena California B A- Previously unreleased
1981-06-21 Weather Report Playboy Jazz Festival, Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood California A- A Previously unreleased
1982-06-01 Weather Report Starlight Bowl, San Diago California A A+ Previously unreleased
1982-06-19 Weather Report Playboy Jazz Festival, Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood California B/B+ B+ Previously unreleased
1983-04-15 Weather Report Universal Amphitheatre, Universal City California A/A- A Previously unreleased
1984-06-16 Weather Report Playboy Jazz Festival, Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood California B B+ Previously unreleased
1986-09-27 Weather Update Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, California A / A- A Previously Unreleased
1988-07-08 Zawinul Syndicate Hollywood Palace, Hollywood California B+ B+ Previously unreleased
1990-08/25 Zawinul Syndicate Concord Pavilion, Concord California A- TBD Previously unreleased
1997-08-31 Zawinul Syndicate Yoshi's, Oakland California A+ A Previously unreleased
1998-09-12 Zawinul Syndicate Yoshi's, Oakland California A+ TBD Previously unreleased
1999-09-02 Zawinul Syndicate Yoshi's, Oakland California A+ TBD Previously unreleased
2000-05-06 Zawinul Syndicate Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco California A- TBD Previously unreleased
1979-09-16 Joni Mitchell Greek Theatre, Los Angeles California B+ A Remastered
1982-01-10 Jaco Pastorius Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles California A- A- Remastered
1982-04-15 Jaco Pastorius Rissmiller Country Club, Reseda California B+ A- Previously unreleased
1983-11-20 Jaco Pastorius Beverly Theatre, Los Angeles, California A TBD Previously unreleased
1984-06-17 Jaco Pastorius Playboy Jazz Festival, Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood California A Note* Previously unreleased
1997-09-04 Hancock / Shorter Villa Montalvo Mountain Winery, Saratoga California A- A- Re-seed

Note: This is the "rumored" Jaco recording written about in a Jaco biography.
The author writes about a "rumored" recording made at the Playboy Jazz Festival
when Jaco tore the stage apart and his own musicians eventually refused to play
for him. Playboy Jazz promoters eventually turned the stage on Jaco to put an
end to his set. This is the recording referenced in the book. It's


AUD> Sony TC-D5
---> Nakamichi Dragon (playback)
---> Korg MR1000 (5.6 Mhz, 1-bit master tape)
---> Down sample to 96Khz, 32-bit using Korg Audiogate
---> iZotope RX-Advanced (noise reduction, spectral editing)
---> HarBal (EQ matching to try to fix some things)
---> Sound Forge (put the concert back together)
---> iZotope RX-Advanced (downsample, dither)
---> CD Architect (CD Audio)
---> EAC
---> FLAC


Sound Samples:
Sample-1 (Medicine Man):

Sample-2 (Little Rootie Tootie):

Sample-3 (No Mercy For Me):


Song List:
Start End Length Name
------------ ------------ ------------ --------------------------
00:00:00.000 00:10:24.500 00:10:24.500 March of the Lost Children
00:10:24.500 00:23:42.114 00:13:17.614 Medicine Man
00:23:42.114 00:28:59.903 00:05:17.789 From Venice To Vienna
00:28:59.903 00:31:01.554 00:02:01.651 Monk's Mood
00:31:01.554 00:36:17.055 00:05:15.501 Little Rootie Tootie
00:36:17.055 00:44:29.696 00:08:12.641 Shadow And Light
00:44:29.696 00:53:45.159 00:09:15.463 Munyongo Jackson Percussion Solo

Start End Length Name
------------ ------------ ------------ --------------------------
00:00:00.000 00:11:33.806 00:11:33.806 King Hip
00:11:33.806 00:16:35.078 00:05:01.272 Cornell Rochester Drum Solo
00:16:35.078 00:21:31.413 00:04:56.335 No Mercy For Me (Mercy, Mercy, Mercy)
00:21:31.413 00:28:40.298 00:07:08.885 Gerald Veasley Bass Solo / Apartheid
00:28:40.298 00:32:55.532 00:04:15.234 Melodic Delicacy
00:32:55.532 00:35:12.604 00:02:17.072 A Little Shorter
00:35:12.604 00:51:40.839 00:16:28.234 Carvalito
00:51:40.839 01:02:59.891 00:11:19.052 Untitled Encore