Zawinul Syndicate -
The Arkaba Adelaide Nov 29-2000
Joe Zawinul -Keys
Victor Bailey-Bass
Nathaniel Townsley -Drums
Manolo Badrena -Percussion
Amit Chatterjee -Guitar
A great show with vey spirited playing from all concerned, Some very long tracks meant that there were cuts in one or two tracks as I ran out of tape, sorry I haven't time to listen and then give details,of where they occur - I leave that to you to work it out.
Its all subjective, but I would say this is a nice recording given the limitations of the equipment , no dolby,minimal hiss as its off the master , very quiet audience, excellent PA mix , rated A to A- .
The Arkaba was a nice venue, a hexagonal bar with a small stage and great acoustics , it now features Karaoke and cover bands, however up until the turn of the last century, it hosted the likes of Bo Diddley,Zawinul Syndicate and Mike Stern .
Sony d6 Maxell xls 11 tape.> Sony Ecm 150 mic> 2000 -Nakamichi 581 playback to Mac Dual core G5> > soundtrack 16 ,( file splitting )> 2013 >mac pro > import as 16 bit wav files from master CD > adobe audition ( amplification , remove excess applause through spectral editing , minor eq )> xact flac transfer.
recorded. mastered,transferred by Godzgolfball
Please- don't sell, support the artists by going to shows and buying their commercial releases, transfer to mp3 only for your own personal listening . I'm giving you this show, so respect the material and the spirit in which it was created .