Mad Hatter, New York, New York, USA

disc one:
1. Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin)
2. Don't Walk Away
3. Over the Hills & Far Away (Led Zeppelin)
4. The Song Remains the Same (Led Zeppelin)
5. A Passage to Bangkok (Rush)
6. Rock Candy (Montrose)
7. Heartbreaker (Led Zeppelin)
8. The Rover (Led Zeppelin)
9. Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin)

disc two:
1. As I Said Before
2. A Farewell to Kings (Rush)
3. One More Chance
4. Take Your Fingers From My Hair
5. Kashmir (Led Zeppelin)
6. Ride My See-Saw (The Moody Blues)
7. The Story In Your Eyes (The Moody Blues)

lineage: unknown generation Maxell XL II 90 > Nakamichi DR-1 (azimuth adjusted) > Creative Audigy Platinum 2 > CD WAV > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 > FLAC 16/44.1

A weird Zebra show as it's mostly Led Zeppelin covers, plus covers by Rush, Montrose, and The Moody Blues, and only four originals. I assume this is a Led Zeppelin tribute show.

Someone (I assume Randy Jackson) mentions The Hatter.

The setlist.fm entry says it's 1980-02-02:
But the e-tree entry that is referenced has no date:
Note that someone (again, I assume Randy Jackson) mentions people from Suffolk in the audience gave him something for his birthday. Randy's birthday is 28th of February. It doesn't have to be the day of his birthday but I assume it was at least close, so February or March would be very likely. During the introduction to Don't Walk Away he dedicates it to someone named Karen for her 21st birthday.

The original poster claims this was a soundboard file but I doubt that very much. It sounds more like a good audience or FM recording. Still a nice show and what a storming rendition of Immigrant Song!

There are hardly any introductions between the songs. I can't tell if that was how it was played or that someone edited those out. I hear a few drop-outs that could have been edited out, though. This is how I got the files, I didn't change anything. I doubt I will hold on to it as it's not really a Zebra show.


Re-shared on Dime, April 2020

----- original info file (Nov 2009) -----
Mad Hatter
Long Island, NY


Unknown generation Maxell XL II 90 > Nakamichi DR-1 (azimuth adjusted) > Creative Audigy Platinum 2 > CD WAV > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 > FLAC > You

Disc One:
01 Stairway to Heaven
02 Don't Walk Away
03 Over the Hills & Far Away
04 The Song Remains the Same
05 A Passage to Bangkok
06 Rock Candy
07 Heartbreaker (w/guitar & drum solos)
08 The Rover
09 Immigrant Song

Disc Two:
01 As I Said Before
02 A Farewell to Kings
03 One More Chance
04 Take Your Fingers From My Hair
05 Kashmir
06 Ride My See-Saw
07 The Story In Your Eyes

Tape flip in the beginning of Immigrant Song. I used Cool Edit to make it as seemless as possible.

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