Zen Tricksters 1991-02-02 Freeport NY USA.torrent
The Zen Tricksters
The Right Track Inn, Freeport, New York, USA, 1991-02-21 Set 2
Source & Location: Unknown
Conversion: JVC TDV661 Tape Deck to a Tascam SSR1 (44.1kHz stereo with 192Kbps bitrate)>CDWave> flac
Renamed and Organized via CD Wave Editor, converted to flac via Trader's Little Helper
Taped, Transferred and Seeded by FreddySneaks 2015-11-21

01. Loose Lucy
02. Greatest Story Ever Told
03. Patience
04. Bright Lights
05. Brown-Eyed Women
06. Shine On Your Light
07. Samson & Delilah
08. Aiko Aiko
09. Drums
10. Thinking Too Hard
11. Black Peter
12. Lovelight

Jeff Mattson - guitar, vocals
Tom Circosta - rhythm guitar, vocals
Klyph Black - Bass?
Jennifer Markard - vocals
Rob Barraco - Keyboards
Alan Lerner - Drums

For many years they were a Saturday night staple at the Right Track Inn (RTI) Freeport, NY. I used to go see them often on Saturday nights in the late 1980s when they played under the name Volunteers. The audience level is high as this is a small bar and it was common for chatter to occur during the music. This recording came from a friend on Long Island and the source may be Mike Salvo.