Zen Tricksters
July 17, 1996 First Set
Long Island Brewing Company
Jericho, NY


Disk 1 [63:55]

First Set

1. When I Paint My Masterpiece [8:04]
2. El Paso [6:10]
3. Up On Cripple Creek [8:20]
4. Truck Drivin Man [5:52]
5. You Win Again [6:36]
6. Pony Boy [10:03]
7. Pig In A Pen [3:44]
8. Ohio [5:07]
9. Uncle John's Band [9:58]


Jeff Mattson - Acoustic Guitar
Rob Barraco - Keyboard
Klyph Black - Bass
Tom ? - Drums

I believe this was the first time the Tricksters did Ohio.

Recorded by Bill Kaplan, SBD>Sony TCD-D7>DAT.
48 kHz DAT originally transferred to CDR & SHN by Steve Herman, March 2007.
Tascam DA-P1>M-Audio Delta Dio 2496>48 kHz WAV>Sound Forge>44.1 kHz WAV

Not sure why I only got the first set from Bill Kaplan. I'm sure the second set would be almost impossible to obtain.
Slight soundboard buzz.
Faded in the beginning and ends of sets as appropriate.
Level changes courtesy of Bill Kaplan during one short segment of Masterpiece.